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  1. United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2024

    The lesson that the BBC need to learn is not to let rumours about a particular singer run rampant when they know it's not them. They actually continued to fuel the Rina rumours even right up to the point Mae Muller was announced. If you do that you are essentially throwing the actual act that...
  2. A fair voting system?

    I don't want to see juries eliminated at all. Be careful what you wish for. Anyone that remembers how bad the 2000s were knows this. I think if the public vote is to be given more power, then it should be an online vote, where more points might be available but points are given based on share...
  3. United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2020 - James Newman - My Last Breath

    I was going through random Eurovision videos on YouTube and something odd came up on my recommended videos. Apparently this song called Human by some guy called Roubix was said to be a song that was submitted for the BBC's and BMG's selection, it was leaked some time before James Newman was...
  4. United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2023 - Mae Muller - I Wrote a Song

    Random thought but when I watched the video for Mae's song on YouTube, two videos that came up on the "recommended videos" were the infamous Eamon/Frankee profanity loaded songs from 2004 (And it turned out that Frankee wasn't Eamon's ex after all, it was a PR stunt)
  5. United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2023 - Mae Muller - I Wrote a Song

    I wonder what was their reasoning behind choosing Mae Muller. Ben Mawson did say that they had a final shortlist of four female singers, and two of them were Brit Awards nominees. If Rina Sawayama was indeed one of them, then this was the biggest bottle job in years. I mean just imagine the...
  6. Iceland ICELAND 2019 - Hatari - Hatrið mun sigra

    Just how epic was Einar's appearance last night during the jury voting? Absolutely brilliant. None of all the usual stuff we normally hear from the spokespeople, he just removed his spiked mask and says AUSTRALIA in a rather intimidating demonic voice. He'd make a great villain.
  7. Spain SPAIN 2023 - Blanca Paloma - Eaea

    I definitely think there was an anti vote against Spain this year. Public giving Spanish fans (and tabloids) a big up yours for their behaviour after last year's result.

    Not sure if people agree but the EBU'S decision to deny Zelenskyy an appearance could have inadvertently handed Ukraine another victory. It might well trigger a protest vote of some description.
  9. Ireland IRELAND 2023 - Wild Youth - We Are One Cruachan's rejected Eurosong submission The Blacksmith has dropped. This would have sailed through no doubt. In fact I could have seen this as a contender.
  10. The Netherlands NETHERLANDS 2023 - Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper - Burning Daylight

    Apparently Dion and Mia are getting absolutely slaughtered by the Dutch press.
  11. Xbox disables emulators on Retail Mode

    Unfortunately the worst has come to pass for Xbox Series XS owners who use emulator programs to play retro games. Micro$oft has unfortunately closed a loophole that allows emulators to work on an unmodified retail mode console, so the apps concerning them no longer work. So no more Retroarch...
  12. United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2023 - Mae Muller - I Wrote a Song

    He threatened to sue someone because they revealed what his nickname was at school 😂😂😂
  13. Ukraine UKRAINE 2023 - Tvorchi - Heart of Steel

    If Tvorchi doesn't win, I hope the Ukrainian press doesn't drag them through the mud. Kalush getting that big score in the televote I think might put unnecessary pressure on them and any future artist representing Ukraine. A lot of people will be expecting that sort of thing again, at the very...
  14. Ukraine UKRAINE 2023 - Tvorchi - Heart of Steel

    According to a post on Instagram from a page called Eurovision news, a tender document revealed the staging will involve two ballet dancers and some sort of huge prop, likely the screen from Vidbir on a larger scale with the hazard warning signs, football trick guy etc. It also says that the...
  15. Poland POLAND 2023 - Blanka - Solo

    Wonder if we could all get Poland high up the Eurovision Scoreboard app rankings just for April Fools Day?
  16. Ukraine UKRAINE 2023 - Tvorchi - Heart of Steel

    You're not too confident aren't you? All depends on who is performing around them.
  17. Ukraine UKRAINE 2023 - Tvorchi - Heart of Steel

    I think Suspline will throw the kitchen sink to try and win it. They will stage the hell out of it. It wouldn't surprise me if they get Fokas Evangelinos to do the staging. I did hear a while back though that the guy who staged Duncan and Common Linnets might do it. Apparently in 2019 he was...
  18. Ukraine UKRAINE 2023 - Tvorchi - Heart of Steel

    I don't think a revamp was needed. Americanised Rnb style songs can be good when they aren't too overproduced, I think this revamp for me doesn't really bring anything new. It was perfectly fine as it was.
  19. United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2023 - Mae Muller - I Wrote a Song

    UK have plummeted in the betting odds. 50/1 now
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