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  1. France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    20 minutes, le parisien and all this kind of famous information websites are not references at all, people in the comments are always mad about everything (at leats It was when I read only once the comments a few years ago). More generally I see lots of positive comments on social networks like...
  2. France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    Surprisingly I didn't read lots of comments like this (you can count them on the fingers of a single hand, as we say in France) since her announcement. I read comments that are generally very positive about her from french people, outside of the fandom.
  3. France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    If they only finished the song yesterday, I don't think we can expect it this week. Anyway this was planned for early february so more likely next week as you said. I'm wondering if they'll release a music video with the song or they'll record it later. No information about the release date or...
  4. France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    I was sure someone would ask this question but I didn't think it would be a french. I don't have any information, I just made a mistake by saying "it will be revealed" implying both the song and the artiste would be revealed, which shouldn't be the case, I think.
  5. France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    Rectification about what I was saying earlier, by "it will be revealed", I meant the singer, not the song. In 2020 we got the announcement of the artist in january then the song around a month later, if I recall correctly.
  6. France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    Which video please ? I could definitely see Barbara Pravi return as a composer, but I don't think she will ever return as a singer.
  7. France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    Rumour has it that France is in for an internal selection, the choice of the song is already done and it will be revealed in a few days (early january, maybe even next week).
  8. France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    I'd like a new NF but with lots of quality songs, which won't be the case until Alexandra decides to work with an external producer for the casting like with DE. So an internal selection might not be a bad idea, considering the choices we've made with the junior (Lissandro not included), as long...
  9. France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    Alexandra (our HoD for those who don't know) really wanted to make a NF with an entirely in-house (France 2) production without any help from an outside company for the casting and everything else (like they did for DE with ITV Studios) but in the end, the quality of the songs and the experience...
  10. France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    Last year they confirmed EF2023 but usually they used to open the submissions at the end of june (either it be DE or EF) but we still have no news so I see two possibilities. - They eventually decided to cut EF to select the song with another process (intern selection or new NF) - EF is coming...
  11. France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    I must admit that I didn't read that, indeed, have you a link for that part, please ?
  12. France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    You're exagerating a bit, I think. there are some countries in Europe like Poland or Italy where "extreme right" has an even bigger place and they didn't withdrew. Plus, Macron's party and also the traditional right party voted for the cancellation. And most ov the NUPES allaince (extreme left...
  13. France FRANCE 2022 - Alvan & Ahez - Fulenn

    I wanted to send you a private message but it tells me that your box is full. Guess I'll have to wait to get answers, lmao.
  14. Spain SPAIN 2023 - Blanca Paloma - Eaea

    What do you mean by "wrapped in a pack" ?
  15. France FRANCE 2022 - Alvan & Ahez - Fulenn

    If you think like that you don't do anything. So either you try something more daring to make something better, or you just go internal. But from what she said, Alex seems to be convinced that EF is good as it is, so I think EF2023 will remain as 2022 was, with no huge change.
  16. France FRANCE 2022 - Alvan & Ahez - Fulenn

    Lmao. Though, the initial thought was about a single show held out of Paris, they never talked about semi-finals.
  17. France FRANCE 2022 - Alvan & Ahez - Fulenn

    Remember when EF was supposed to take place in a big Arena, lmao. EF needs some big revamps, starting with a new name. They should make a NF but take away the name "Eurovision" because people just don't like it and rather literally make a Melfest like. With 10 songs, less place for the juries...
  18. France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    I found EF2022's level better than 2021 overall but a gem like "Voilà" was still missing. I still hope that our HoD will finally learn and stop recruiting amateurs artists like "Hélène in Paris" and other middle-of-the-road songs like so many in EF2021+2022, and above all, stop with quota (the...
  19. France FRANCE 2022 - Alvan & Ahez - Fulenn

    When they won EF, I had a similar prediction but the more we've been getting closer to the contest, the less I was confident and if now I had to make a prediction, it would be more like 3rd-7th with the televote and 12-20 with the juries. I can't see us having more points than lots of countries...
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