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  1. simori95

    Last places of the last 10 years

    Armenia 2013 might be the worst esc song of all time for me (only started watching in 2010 and haven’t bothered with the contests before that period so far). I am sure some people may like it, but the mix of his voice and the noisy Instrumentation, both of which already wouldn’t be for me...
  2. simori95

    Germany GERMANY 2023 - Lord of the Lost - Blood and Glitter

    I agree that LotL shouldn’t sing in german, but A-lister didn’t mean any harm, it’s just their personal opinion :giggle: the wording in this forum is sometimes a bit harsh but it’s almost never meant to put the Acts or the countries down.
  3. simori95

    2023 vs 2022

    2022: :az::hr::cz::fr::gr::ie::it::pl::ro::sm::rs::es::ua: 2023: :al::am::au::at::be::cy::dk::ee::fi::ge::de::is::il::lv::lt::mt::md::nl::no::pt::sl::se::ch::uk:
  4. simori95

    2023 classic elimination game!

    Saved: :lt: :al: :az: :be: :il: :at: :es: :lv: :no: :am: :se: :mt: :cy: :pt: :ch: :hr: :gr: :fr: :cz: :ee: :md: :ua: :rs: :sl: :it: :dk: :uk: :pl: :de: :au: :is: :nl: Unsaved: :fi: :ge: :ie: :ro: :sm:
  5. simori95

    2023 classic elimination game!

    Saved: :lt: :al: :az: :be: :il: :at: :es: :lv: :no: :am: :se: :mt: :cy: :pt: :ch: :hr: :gr: :fr: :cz: :ee: :md: Unsaved: :de: :dk: :fi: :ge: :ie: :it: :nl: :pl: :rs: :ro: :sl: :sm: :ua: :uk: :au: :is:
  6. simori95

    Sweden SWEDEN 2023 - Loreen - Tattoo

    Okay, Thank you for the explanation
  7. simori95

    Unjust NQ's

    2012: :by: Litesound - We are the Heroes (Not my favorite by far, but narrowly my favorite NQ) 2013: :ch: Takasa - You and me 2014: :il: Mei Finegold - Same Heart 2015: :ie: Molly Sterling - Playing with Numbers 2016: :is: Greta Salomé - Hear them calling (my favorite Icelandic entry ever) 2017...
  8. simori95

    Germany GERMANY 2023 - Lord of the Lost - Blood and Glitter

    btw is Marvin Dietmann confirmed as their … stage conceptionist? Is there a word for that occupation? Given he did the NF it’s likely that he will do their stage show at Eurovision as well, and he didn’t do a bad job with the stage that was on offer for the NF, but given the stage was shit, I do...
  9. simori95

    Sweden SWEDEN 2023 - Loreen - Tattoo

    What do you mean? They literally made two posts about this year so far, one here and one in the Austria thread saying they love the audio but that they think it will be shi bad live, which is something a lot of people claim all the time about all kind of entries. I don’t see how they are to...
  10. simori95

    Last places of the last 10 years

    Damn you must have celebrated so hard when Undo and Shum (more or less) narrowly missed out on the win
  11. simori95

    12 points from the last 10 years

    2013: :se: Robin Stjernberg - You 2014: :fi: Softengine - Something better 2015: :lv: Aminata Savadogo - Love injected 2016: :lv: Justs - Heartbeat 2017: :it: Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali‘s Karma 2018: :cy: Eleni Foureira - Fuego 2019: :it: Mahmood - Soldi 2020: :ch: Gjon‘s Tears -...
  12. simori95

    Last places of the last 10 years

    2013: :am: Dorians - Lonely Planet 2014: :lt: Vilija Matacunaite - Attention 2015: :fi: Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät - Ainä Mun Pitää 2016: :sm: Serhat - I Didn‘t know 2017: :mt: Claudia Fanielllo - Breathlessly 2018: :ru: Julia Samoylova - I won’t break 2019: :sl: Zala Kralj & Gasper Santi - Sebi...
  13. simori95

    Austria AUSTRIA 2023 - Teya & Salena - Who the Hell is Edgar?

    Yeah in the contest it might be another story, though I see different possible scenarios and not all of them include Loreen doing super well. But yeah, my comment was strictly about the Forum.
  14. simori95

    Austria AUSTRIA 2023 - Teya & Salena - Who the Hell is Edgar?

    Actually I think Loreen won’t get so much more next round, Austria (from my perception) scores more consistently. While Loreen gets a lot of high points, I have seen kinda few people not having Austria in their top 10 at all, while there are quite some without Sweden (strictly talking about the...
  15. simori95


    Germany calling:de: 12: Sweden :se: 10: Cyprus :cy: 08: Moldova :md: 07: Lithuania :lt: 06: UK :uk: 05: Austria :at: 04: Estonia :ee: 03: Latvia :lv: 02: Armenia :am: 01: Malta :mt:
  16. simori95

    Italy ITALY 2023 - Marco Mengoni - Due Vite

    My very personal tragedy this year. Italy was my number 1 every other year since 2017 (so 17, 19, 21). It would have been their turn this year. Instead, Italy is my 31 with Due Vite, the first time out of my Top 20 (and even 30), and only the second time (2014 being the first) that it’s outside...
  17. simori95

    Germany GERMANY 2023 - Lord of the Lost - Blood and Glitter

    That‘s awesome! Let‘s hope the same effect will have kicked in for a lot(l) of people who also didn’t feel an Instant appeal by the time the recaps hit.
  18. simori95

    EUROVISION 2023 - General Discussion thread

    Will there be another Classic Elimination Game this year, now that we know all the songs? Btw a little fun fact: this year we might summon the devil while playing, if my math is correct, there will be 666 „saves“ xcrazy If I have missed anything and that issue was already discussed, I hereby...
  19. simori95

    ESC Ranking 2023

    :12:: :se::cy::md::uk::lt::lv: :10:: :ee::at::fi::am::gr: :8:: :mt::il::es::pt::dk::cz: :7:: :de::ge::nl::au::ch: :6:: :ie::fr::be::rs: :5:: :no::is::ua::sm::it::pl::hr::al::az::ro::sl: :4:: :3:: :2:: :1:: :0::
  20. simori95

    Estonia ESTONIA 2023 - Alika - Bridges

    I also think a lot of people could be overwhelmed with the abundance of non-ballads, so that it will be refreshing to them when Alika (and to an extent also Monika) comes on stage. This is THE year in which a ballad can be a blessing rather than a curse. At least in the semis.
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