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  1. DanielLuis

    Armenia ARMENIA 2023 - Brunette - Future Lover

    Finally Armenia decided to begu dogu logu
  2. DanielLuis

    Georgia GEORGIA 2023 - Iru - Echo

    I have to say, I find it absolutely hilarious that when I search for "Future Lover" on Spotify this is what comes up
  3. DanielLuis

    Lithuania LITHUANIA 2023 - Monika Linkytė - Stay

    @Spotify I want the CIUTO TUTO version on the official Eurovision playlist, now.
  4. DanielLuis

    Slovenia SLOVENIA 2023 - Joker Out - Carpe Diem

    To be honest I think this is one of the few countries that deserve to be in the 1%-2% range that would put it just outside the bookies top 10.
  5. DanielLuis

    Armenia ARMENIA 2023 - Brunette - Future Lover

    I liked it on the first listen but the cringiness of the first verses along with the sort of unusual structure made me not feel the entry that much. I do have to say though that after the second listen it immediately shot up my rankings and it will definitely be a contender for my #1 in May. The...
  6. DanielLuis

    Georgia GEORGIA 2023 - Iru - Echo

    I really do have a feeling Georgia will be a contender this year. I mean if the composer goes anywhere near the direction of the style and quality he has used in his JESC entries it's really not surprising at all if that's the case. 70% of Georgian JESC entries would be 300x more competitive at...
  7. DanielLuis

    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2023 - Mae Muller - I Wrote a Song

    I think going last really helps the host country in particular a lot, especially when their entry is as danceable and naturally a good closer like this one is. There's gonna be such a momentum and build-up to it in the arena, and the people will probably go mad with hype after it's finished, and...
  8. DanielLuis

    Azerbaijan AZERBAIJAN 2023 - TuralTuranX - Tell Me More

    They've been in a flop era ever since importing generic Swedish pop became not enough to standout at Eurovision, so like nearly 10 years ago. Finally they're trying something authentic and different
  9. DanielLuis

    Iceland ICELAND 2023 - Diljá - Power

    The ultimate certificate for "your entry sucks"
  10. DanielLuis

    Germany GERMANY 2023 - Lord of the Lost - Blood and Glitter

    I think that's a bit unfair to be honest, I think NDR managed to organize a pretty varied and ok NF this year. Hopefully it's not a one off and it signals a trend in their approach to Eurovision.
  11. DanielLuis

    Switzerland SWITZERLAND 2023 - Remo Forrer - Watergun

    The dissonance between his voice and his face is kind of jarring on a first listen, not gonna lie
  12. DanielLuis

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2023 - Mimicat - Ai Coração

    Still Cláudia or Mimicat for me. Can't say that Edmundo's performance really captivated me. Still think it's an ok song, but just an inferior verison of "Bandeiras".
  13. DanielLuis

    Sweden SWEDEN 2023 - Loreen - Tattoo

    "This song title has never been done before (And I swear it's not rubbish)"
  14. DanielLuis

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2023 - Mimicat - Ai Coração

    I don't think anyone is killed with the running order, it's a 3 hours show where all the 13 songs will be performed back to back in the first hour, with the other 2 hours being filled with pointless interval acts amidst 29485 recaps of the 13 songs anyway.
  15. DanielLuis

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2023 - Mimicat - Ai Coração

    I think that honour has to go to Voodoo Marmalade to be honest, so random that they made it through.
  16. DanielLuis

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2023 - Mimicat - Ai Coração

    Besides Bárbara I think Edmundo Inácio and Inês Apenas were the easy standouts of the night. Both are lacking somewhat on their live performances to challenge though, especially Inês, she's way too stiff and nervous and that outfit doesn't work at all with both the song and her lack of stage...
  17. DanielLuis

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2023 - Mimicat - Ai Coração

    I see what Bárbara tried to do with her staging, and the concept is definitely there. It's pretty cool to see something absolutely new being tried in the FdC stage (I'm pretty sure no other Eurovision entry before has had a staging concept similar to that?) But the execution is really lacking...
  18. DanielLuis

    Finland FINLAND 2023 - Käärijä - Cha Cha Cha

    You're not, for some reason the mellow sound of his voice in the 2nd part of the song really does it for me
  19. DanielLuis

    Austria AUSTRIA 2023 - Teya & Salena - Who the Hell is Edgar?

    All of the countries that haven't revealed their entry yet are shortening in the bookies.
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