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  1. Flamenkax

    Azerbaijan AZERBAIJAN 2023 - TuralTuranX - Tell Me More

    Someone said on this topic "charming" and i have to say i feel the same about this song. It's not competitive at all in their semi, the rap part is a bit out of tune but i find the whole package quite pleasant, the instrumental give such indie rock feels to it. And at least, the azerbaijani...
  2. Flamenkax


    Hello Europe, this is :fr: calling ! :12: :fi: Suomi :10: :at: Österreich :8: :au: Australia :7: :pt: Portugal :6: :sl: Slovenija :5: :it: Italia :4: :se: Sverige :3: :es: España :2: :rs: Srbija :1: :md: Republica Moldova
  3. Flamenkax

    Sweden SWEDEN 2023 - Loreen - Tattoo

    I don't like people who already did ESC to return. I don't like artists who already won ESC to return. But, hey, c'mon, let's be honest : this performance is quite stellar. Song in itself's still a bit "swedish-eurovision-by-numbers" imo but her performance elevates this to a whole new level...
  4. Flamenkax

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2023 - Mimicat - Ai Coração

    Again, wonderful pick Portugal. A perfect end to a top notch final. This song grew on me a lot over the weeks and will be on my top for sure. It's joyful, moving, quite sassy and she is a great performer (so good that i find semi's performance better even if she was sick). This changes a pace...
  5. Flamenkax

    Malta MALTA 2023 - The Busker - Dance (Our Own Party)

    It's funky, a bit quirky, that should TOTALLY be my type of gem but it's not. I find it enjoyable, but it sounds a bit empty. The revamp gave a bit of life but it still lacks of something, some transitions are weird, just as how the song ends... Not a bad effort in any ways, still the best...
  6. Flamenkax

    Austria AUSTRIA 2023 - Teya & Salena - Who the Hell is Edgar?

    This is kinda chaotic to say the least, a lot of things to process, so i'll be short : i freakin' love this. On the other hand, i see a big flop live just like last year. But holy moly, i really love this. :12:
  7. Flamenkax

    Belgium BELGIUM 2023 - Gustaph - Because of You

    I was team Chérine all the way back then but i have to say... I don't want Gustaph out of my top 10 this season. I heard the song going back home little drunk few days ago and i played Because of You three times in a row. I dunno, there is something such endearing about the whole package imo. I...
  8. Flamenkax


    Hello, this is :fr: calling ! :12: :fi: Suomi | Käärijä - Cha Cha Cha :10: :au: Australia | Voyager - Promise :8: :sl: Slovenija | Joker Out - Carpe Diem :7: :it: Italia | Marco Mengoni - Due Vite :6: :rs: Srbija | Luke Black - Samo Mi Se Spava :5: :be: België | Gustaph - Because of You...
  9. Flamenkax

    Serbia SERBIA 2023 - Luke Black - Samo mi se spava

    I love how dark this track is. Maybe a bit redundant musically but the fact the proper synth sound is not always the same makes it captivating to hear, thanks to this unbelievable production and mixing, it's really striking and it keeps your attention. Plus, the whole staging is quite memorable...
  10. Flamenkax

    Germany GERMANY 2023 - Lord of the Lost - Blood and Glitter

    Not the best rock/metal-oriented entry this year, but still a more than solid one, well produced and with a flawless live performance. Could see them staying in my top 10 though, i'm usually gravitating towards this kind of entry. + 1 point for preventing us and Europe from Ikke, hot damn. :8:.
  11. Flamenkax

    France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    Yup i think this is where she should end. When i listened to the song i thought "we can do this" and i expect a great live performance but i'm starting to be realistic and yeah, compared to possibly Loreen, Käärijä or even others, i can see ourselves finishing at ~7-10th place (with a big push...
  12. Flamenkax

    Poland POLAND 2023 - Blanka - Solo

    Well that's a bit underwhelming as an entry. Clearly not my type of music at all tbh but nothing really infamous. Just, as other songs, it's, just there... :5: for the song. This could still Q imo, i doubt there will be other songs like this in her semi. TVP making a NF just pushing this very...
  13. Flamenkax


    Hello hello, Strasbourg, :fr: calling ! Here are the points : :12: :fi: Suomi :10: :au: Australia :8: :sl: Slovenija :7: :it: Italia :6: :es: España :5: :be: België :4: :no: Norge :3: :cz: Česko :2: :ee: Eesti :1: :hr: Hrvatska
  14. Flamenkax

    Finland FINLAND 2023 - Käärijä - Cha Cha Cha

    Speaking of dancers... Fun fact : one of the dancers of Käärijä is no other but... a former finnish prime minister, Alexander Stubb. That post may mean that the dancers would stay for Liverpool, well done.
  15. Flamenkax

    Finland FINLAND 2023 - Käärijä - Cha Cha Cha

    If i could give it 24 points i would do it. This may be my favourite Eurovision song like, ever. :12:. Nuff said. For the record, yesterday i hosted a karaoke evening in a venue in my town and played Cha Cha Cha at the very end to celebrate in a sense. People catched it REALLY QUICKLY. He's...
  16. Flamenkax

    Australia AUSTRALIA 2023 - Voyager - Promise

    OK i said nothing this is as good as Dreamer, i just have been playing the song on repeat for like 30 minutes, i freaking love it This will be staying in my top 3 for sure, updating to :12:. Btw i'll say it again : this is a sure qualifier imo.
  17. Flamenkax

    Australia AUSTRALIA 2023 - Voyager - Promise

    I was really happy to know Voyager were the chosen ones. Dreamer was one of my favourite NF songs last year, and imo would have done much much better than Sheldon Riley. But sadly this is not Dreamer. Is it bad though ? Not at all for god's sake. It's not THAT good but still insanely great...
  18. Flamenkax

    Latvia LATVIA 2023 - Sudden Lights - Aijā

    I'm torn away about this song. I quite like its "indie" feel and objectively this is one of the most interesting songs of this season so far, if not the most, because well they're the only ones in their own league. But i heard it once and it left me barely no impression and for some season i...
  19. Flamenkax

    France FRANCE 2023 - La Zarra - Évidemment

    This. Plus, if you notice, all three choruses don't look the same, they are slightly different each time. it makes the song imo startling enough to keep people paying attention throughout. It's quite clever if you ask me.
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