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  1. SarahM

    EUROVISION 2022 - General Discussion Thread

    Brooke will be performing for Dublin Pride, I haven't really been following the others.
  2. SarahM

    Ireland IRELAND 2023

    I thought this article about Ireland's future in the competition really hit the nail on the head I hope RTE don't take Linda Martin's advice and just submit 90s sounding ballads!
  3. SarahM

    Should the pre-recorded backing vocals remain?

    I think there needs to be a limit on the use of backing track vocals - I'm not sure if this can even be measured/enforced :unsure: That clip from Norway's jury rehearsal is ridiculous!
  4. SarahM

    EBU Statement: Irregular voting patterns during Second Semi-Final 2022

    I too would echo Gitte's comments. My reaction to your theory that the Swedish juries may have cheated: #1 - Sweden was a hot favourite to win overall (and won this semi) so it's not shocking that they got 12 points from some countries, it's a jury friendly song which was professionally...
  5. SarahM


    Embarrassing for the broadcaster but so disrespectful to the artists representing them
  6. SarahM

    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2023

    I'm hoping that if the UK start taking it seriously and are getting rewarded for their efforts, the Irish delegation may decide to put more effort into the song selection too. Fingers crossed if the UK media start talking about the Eurovision and supporting their acts efforts, it will rub off...
  7. SarahM

    EBU Statement: Irregular voting patterns during Second Semi-Final 2022

    IMO televoting is great but Jury voting is still needed to help entries with more contemplative ballads, songs performing earlier on in the show, countries who do not have many neighbours to vote for them, etc. Televoting often favours the more lively, fun songs. It's good to maintain a balance...
  8. SarahM


    I found this YouTube video regarding cheating in the Second Semi Final by ESC Tom to be very inciteful and well put together. If you have a spare half an hour I found it worth the listen.
  9. SarahM

    EUROVISION 2023 - General Discussion thread

    I'd love for a random song to win defying all odds too. The top 5 this year was very predictable (as much as I liked them)!
  10. SarahM

    Where will it be hosted?

    In my opinion, next years contest should be hosted by the UK but the show would need to showcase Ukrainian culture, it would be nice to have a Ukrainian host alongside a UK one (assuming it will take place in the UK). The UK have the infrastructure to do it, they're part of the Big 5, and they...
  11. SarahM

    Ireland IRELAND 2023

    One thing is for sure, ditch the Late Late Show format. I think Marty Whelan and Panti Bliss should host a dedicated program to select the Irish entry next year. I think Brooke had a bit of an uphill battle this year trying to promote her song, as many Eurovision fans were comparing her Late...
  12. SarahM

    Ireland IRELAND 2022 - Brooke - That's Rich

    I was over in Turin for the Eurovision, and saw Brooke perform live twice for the Jury and Family Semi Final 2 shows. Prior to these shows I did not think she would qualify, although I was slightly hopeful after seeing her TickTock clip and YouTube rehearsal. After watching the live shows in...
  13. SarahM

    North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2022 - Andrea - Circles

    Yikes, I just heard about this! I feel sorry for Andrea and I hope she is not disqualified. The headlines are quite shocking to read at first glance, although my opinion after watching the video is that she threw the flag hurriedly out of frame for the press. I think she was a bit flustered as...
  14. SarahM


    As an Irish Eurovision fan, expecting Ireland wouldn't have a hope of qualifying, I'm very excited after watching Brooke's second rehearsal! She looks great, the stage is gorgeous, the performance seems lively - I think this is decent! Dare I say it, I think this could be a borderline qualifier...
  15. SarahM


    Ireland Calling :ie: - all same as last week 12. :it: Italy 10. :nl: The Netherlands 08. :fr: France 07. :pl: Poland 06. :al: Albania 05. :es: Spain 04. :ge: Georgia 03. :se: Sweden 02. :ua: Ukraine 01. :pt: Portugal Runners up: :uk: UK :au: Australia :is: Iceland
  16. SarahM


    Hopefully the EBU will figure something out. It's a pity the sun isn't working as it should, but I do admire them for coming up with an ambitious design. It's vey sad reading nasty comments online. I'm sure there will be a solution, we just don't know what it is yet. There will be technicians...
  17. SarahM


    Could the stage designers hang an LED screen for the acts that primarily use LEDs for their performance (like what Israel have done) - It would resolve the issue of the black sun, or is it simply too late to get a new element of the stage sourced, approved, delivered?
  18. SarahM

    Ireland IRELAND 2022 - Brooke - That's Rich

    >> Love the styling and Brooke sounds great when not moving around too much. She's all glowed up! xcheer I think the band set up won't be in Turin, I think it will be dancers. I love this girl party vibe, I hope this will remain but more elevated (the Late Late is...
  19. SarahM

    Lithuania LITHUANIA 2022 - Monika Liu - Sentimentai

    Thanks for reminding me, is it all Semi Final 1 acts tomorrow? I'm looking forward to Ronella's staging too.
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