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  1. spiluke

    NSC 207 🤗 Uh, let's go to the beach-each🔥 Fettevika, Kimmystan 🏝🥵 FINAL RESULTS NOW

    Congrats Tamausia & Deltannor 😁 Also thanks for the 4th place, really made the leap towards the end of the voting xheat
  2. spiluke

    NSC 207 🤗 Uh, let's go to the beach-each🔥 Fettevika, Kimmystan 🏝🥵 Send your entries: DDL: 18.7.22 @ 23:59 CEST 🤗

    Where can one access the past NSC songs? The Database seems to go up to NSC 201 I'm afraid.
  3. spiluke

    NATIAVISION 205 - General Discussion Thread

    Sorry guys I am not able to confirm a song until tomorrow noon at least.
  4. spiluke

    Nation Song Contest 204 - Final Results

    Congrats to Sundfor for winning and Roffbeard for hosting! 8th place for Comino in the Final and tied 1st in the Semi is a great achievement, thanks! 😁 🎉
  5. spiluke

    NSC 202 in Aimūlli || Wordplay || Final Results (start around 19:00 CET!)

    Congrats to TAA, well deserved 😁😁 Also another Top 10 for Comino, honestly surprised 😃
  6. spiluke

    Live NSC 200 in Nállanot, I-S-C | RESULTS | JAN 7th 19:00 CET.

    Hello everyone, sorry to keep everyone waiting as I am quite busy these days (and replying on this thread to see that Comino won is not something which happens often :LOL:) OMGGGG COMINO ACTUALLY WON NSC AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!! 🎉🎉 This feels ecstatic as I never expected to win this time, and...
  7. spiluke

    NSC 193 Semi 2 | DDL 27.05 24:00 CET

    Love these banners :LOL:
  8. spiluke

    {"edition": 192, "phase": "final results", "time": "May 6 9PM CET"}

    Congrats Belvist! So weird seeing Comino placing 2nd in the semi final and 25th in the Final! Is there a logical explanation to this? :LOL:
  9. spiluke

    NSC 190 ♔♛♘♞♖♝ ~checkmate! SF results~

    Great to see Comino has made it to the final once again, and that drama is back amongst us :p
  10. spiluke

    NSC 188 in Biflovatia || Final results revealed

    Congrats Lacrea, very well deserved! It feels good to be in the Final again (and actually do well), so the surprise from seeing Comino in the bottom 5, to placing 12th is amazing! Thanks to all the voters :love:
  11. spiluke

    Comino NSC 187 - Baby It's You

    The remix is great too! I just wanted to keep the entry more "raw" so to say :)
  12. spiluke

    Comino NSC 187 - Baby It's You

    ::com NSC 187 ::com We're back :cool: London Grammar - Baby It's You
  13. spiluke

    NSC 186 in Doire 🦇 🦇 Confirmations 🦇 🦇 Deadline 10 October

    First of all I apologise for not voting in NSC 185 Final. I really lost track of the deadline. This means Comino is not eligible to participate in NSC 186 right?
  14. spiluke

    Comino NSC 187 - Baby It's You

    Thank you for voting! The winner is Florence + The Machine with 7 votes :D
  15. spiluke

    Comino NSC 187 - Baby It's You

    Currently one entry has 3 votes! 2 more to close off this NF and declare the winner :D
  16. spiluke

    Comino NSC 187 - Baby It's You

    It's been 2 years since Comino hit some troubling times, and we are still here as strong as ever :D For NSC 184, Comino is holding a small NF, aptly titled Battle of the Queens: 1. OR 2. Please vote for your favourite song in the above poll. First song past 5 votes wins :D
  17. spiluke

    Comino NSC 187 - Baby It's You

    Reserved for when I have time to update Comino's entries
  18. spiluke

    ESC is Cancelled

    APRIL FOOL'S!!!!! Oh wait :oops:
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