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  1. hzalfa

    Italy ITALY 2023

    As much as I would like for a woman to win, this looks like a two-horse race between Marco Mengoni and Ultimo, with Madame, Elodie and Giorgia fighting for third place. Ultimo has by far the largest fanbase of any contestant, he doesn't even need to promote himself via Sanremo, he is probably...
  2. hzalfa

    Italy ITALY 2023

    I'm going to make a pointless prediction without even knowing the participants and say that either Madame or Pinguini Tattici Nucleari are going to win Sanremo next year, they both haven't released any new music this year so far and I think it's because they are working on their next album, and...
  3. hzalfa

    EUROVISION 2022 - General Discussion Thread

    I managed to get tickets for both the final jury show and the live second semifinal. Getting the latter was rough, every time I selected an option and try to buy it would always that the tickets were unavailable, I had to try maybe 15 times or more.
  4. hzalfa

    Your personal semi qualifiers

    I just noticed that Belgium is in the second semifinal, not sure why I thought he was in the first, so I have to swap :be: with :ch: . I'll also swap :rs: with :cy: in the second semi.
  5. hzalfa

    Eurovision 2022 in Your Language

    I think that :at: Aureola and :es: Rallentatore are more accurate translations, for :md: I think "Trenino" is more accurate than "Treno".
  6. hzalfa

    Austria AUSTRIA 2022 - LUM!X & Pia Maria - Halo

    Gabry Ponte cowrote the song so of course this makes it easier to sell to both the Italian public and radios/tv broadcasters, whether or not he is involved directly in promoting it. Also, I think Mediaset expects RAI to promote LUM!X as "the one Italian Eurovision contestant that you can support...
  7. hzalfa

    Austria AUSTRIA 2022 - LUM!X & Pia Maria - Halo Eurofestivalnews reports that LUM!X will participate in the Italian tv music show Battiti Live on the 14th April and Halo is one of the songs he will bring. Starting from the 15th April the track will also be...
  8. hzalfa


    Votes from :it: :12: :fr: :10: :hr: :8: :is: :7: :nl: :6: :ua: :5: :lt: :4: :at: :3: :am: :2: :sm: :1: :ge:
  9. hzalfa

    Your personal semi qualifiers

    In semi 1: :hr: :is: :nl: :ua: :lt: :at: :am: :pt: :be: :gr: The first 7 countries in this list are actually my 2nd to 8th place of the whole contest, so this semifinal is obviously going to be a disaster for me since there's no way :al: and :no: won't qualify. In semi 2: :sm: :ge: :pl: :cz...
  10. hzalfa

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    They can obviously win the televote because of the emotional reaction their participation will get from the audience, but even if the juries had no bias against this type of music, the vocals in the Vidbir performance weren't good enough to get jury support (I'm talking about the chorus, not the...
  11. hzalfa

    Italy ITALY 2022 - Mahmood and Blanco - Brividi

    I get your point, but the idea that the song is not true to Mahmood's style that's kind of implied in your post (and that was stated explicitly by other users way back in this thread) is wrong, especially because it doesn't take Blanco's own style into consideration. The song sounds exactly like...
  12. hzalfa


    Votes from :it: :12::fr: :10::hr: :8::nl: :7::ua: :6::lt: :5::at: :4::sm: :3::ge: :2::pl: :1::cz:
  13. hzalfa

    Cyprus CYPRUS 2022 - Andromache - Ela

    I can't stand the way they processed her voice, it makes most of the song sound like background noise to me. I don't mind the song per se though, so I hope she will sound good in the live performance without voice effects. :5: points for now.
  14. hzalfa

    Austria AUSTRIA 2022 - LUM!X & Pia Maria - Halo

    If our commentators emphasize that Gabry Ponte worked on this song this could easily get a boost in the Italian televote, who would otherwise not care about LUM!X being half-Italian. Personally, it's my 6th place and the highest placed of my :8: points songs.
  15. hzalfa

    Greece GREECE 2022 - Amanda Tenfjord - Die Together

    Unfortunately I don't like it, but then again I didn't like her previous songs either so I guess that means she stayed true to her style and that's obviously a good thing. I'm giving :5: points for consistency with my ranking, but I don't think it's a bad song.
  16. hzalfa


    From :it: :12::fr: :10::hr: :8::nl: :7::ua: :6::lt: :5::sm: :4::pl: :3::cz: :2::ee: :1::me:
  17. hzalfa

    Switzerland SWITZERLAND 2022 - Marius Bear - Boys Do Cry

    Last place in Sanremo this year, he went on to joke about representing other countries on Twitter and the Swiss ambassador to Italy actually replied to him and invited him to Switzerland to discuss the participation (obviously a joke). As for the song, it's cute. Definitely not top 10 material...
  18. hzalfa

    Serbia SERBIA 2022 - Konstrakta - In Corpore Sano

    This song is currently trending on #49 on Youtube in Italy as well, this is especially shocking to me because everything Eurovision related almost never gets there except for our entry (not even Achille Lauro's entry for San Marino or the Albanian songs, considering we always have some...
  19. hzalfa

    Spain SPAIN 2022 - Chanel - SloMo

    I think they will have to change them anyway because of the word "Bugatti", unless they go full Dami Im and claim that it's not referring to the car, but to a lady whose family name just so happens to be Bugatti.
  20. hzalfa

    Russia RUSSIA 2022 - not taking part

    Something else I'm not sure you got right, but it was not Zelensky trying to call Draghi and him not answering, it was a planned call. No shade because it seems like the news somehow got lost in translation internationally, but it's important to understand what happened.
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