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  1. takeru

    NSC entry stuck in my head today

    Arjastan 27 RUI-nctNKh4 Not too sure why, the chorus just popped in my head without remembering the title or anything; had to do a bit of research to figure it out.
  2. takeru

    NSC 213 in New Acadia | I Choose You! | SF 1 | Deadline 17/Jan @ 23.59

    Thanks Dan! Yes that was exactly why I picked Vivillon :p Norm, if it’s okay with you, this was the one intended. Beautiful show! Looking forward to this edition xcheer
  3. takeru

    NSC 212 in Mormadorei 🦊 RESULTS ARE OUT

    Good luck everyone! xcheer (And thank you so much Marlfox for being both so accommodating and efficient xheart )
  4. takeru

    NSC entry stuck in my head today

    ::dal 73 PEtSOPusKxs Timeless xheart
  5. takeru

    NSC 209 in Tcher-Racoi ☀EXOTICA☀ Send Your Entry! DDL: 18/09 23:59 CET

    Thank you for waiting, I’m sorry I hadn’t confirmed in time. Yaponesia’s entry has been sent!
  6. takeru


    Congratulations Tcher-Racoi!! I’m a bit relieved because it just missed out on my points but then it grew on me in the days after I voted, and I really regretted not voting for it. (This is a pretty regular occurrence actually; I think it’s because of the extra attention you have to give the...
  7. takeru


    Yessss iconic 200th last place xhot Congratulations to all the qualifiers! xcheer I’m mostly stunned about ::sak - easy favourite from the semi!
  8. takeru

    ▣ NSC 208 ▤ ART HAUS 2 ▣ DDL 27.08 ▧ 23.59 CET

    Beauuutiful show and a fun selection of songs! Thanks for this impeccable start to the hosting. Something I just noticed, but probably isn’t an issue (but worth pointing out): Roseland uses the same sample as Halito 48 deHOZYkS1Yo In my belief, it is clear enough to be just a sample (under...
  9. takeru

    CALYPSO 208: Vinyl Williams - You Showed Me

    Congrenz!! We’re anniversarying together this edition xheart
  10. takeru

    NSC 207 🤗 Uh, let's go to the final-inal🔥 Fettevika, Kimmystan 🏝🥵 QUALIFIERS • 27/07 21:00 CEST

    I swear you say this every time we have a 60-nation edition Gary :lol: There are lots of non-qualifiers because, well, there are more non-qualifiers than usual (and this will happen every edition if we fill up to 60 fyi) THANK YOU for the Yapo quali xheart Honestly I wasn’t expecting it by...
  11. takeru

    NSC 206 🔭 Enjoy your hobbies! 🎧 SVO, Svobodnetsk 🏒 Semi-Final Results: 21:00 CEST

    Congratulations everyone! And thank you so much for the Yapo qualification. xlove Keeping our 200s one-in one-out pattern alive (and also the fact that only our Japanese entries have been qualifying lately too) Wonderful show and presentation Svobodnia, thank you for your hard work!
  12. takeru

    NATIAVISION 205 - General Discussion Thread

    Hi I think randajad’s inbox is full, so is it okay if I confirm here? Artist: Printed Circuit Song: My Butt Hurts Link: Thanks!!
  13. takeru

    Nation Song Contest 204 - Final Results

    Ooooh a sudden 10! Thank you so much Tybalteva!!! xheart EDIT: Seems I missed the 6 from Cherniya, 3 from Serenes and 2 from Lacrea too. Thank you thank you thank you xheart
  14. takeru

    Nation Song Contest 204 - Final Results

    Thanks for 3 Moisantia!
  15. takeru

    Nation Song Contest 204 - Final Results

    Yaaaay thank you neigh (or should that be moo this edition) And also tack for 3 Adam xheart
  16. takeru

    Nation Song Contest 204 - Final Results

    Thank you for trois, Tcher-Racoi! For some reason I pronounce your nation like French btw (so the comment above rhymes)… is that even correct?!
  17. takeru

    NSC Spinoffs: Information | Searching for a host!

    Pretty sure most of our spin-offs take longer than 2 though… Usually 1+ week deciding theme and host, 1+ week confirmations (some of which are 2-parters where everyone has to confirm something once and then randomize, and confirm again for the song), 1+ week voting (plus several more for the...
  18. takeru

    Your Title Sounds Familiar NSC Spinoff || Results are out

    Thank you Vaso :oops: Yaponesia will vote tonight or tomorrow!
  19. takeru

    NSC Spinoffs: Information | Searching for a host!

    You probably want ESC 22 next unless you don’t mind it being held simultaneously with the actual thing. (I don’t personally mind either way though!)
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