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  1. anselm

    NSC 150: FINAL RESULTS • 21:00 CET

    Waiting List results ~ Tonight, 21:00 CET
  2. anselm

    NSC 150: What's inside the semi results?

  3. anselm

    NSC 150 in Reym-L-Dneurb • Confirmation • DDL: 24/08/17, 23:59 CET

    You may start confirming your entries now. Fancy stuff will follow later. ღ 17/08 – 24/08 Confirmation period 25/08 – 02/09 Semi finals 04/09 – 11/09 Final 12/09 Final results (Schedule is subject to change) ~ Deadline ~ Thursday, 24 August, 23:59 CET Please also send me your...
  4. anselm

    ESC 2017 Karaoke spinoff | The results

    17:17 CET
  5. anselm

    ESC 2017 Karaoke spinoff | The entries | DDL: 02/06/17 - 23:59 CET

    After quite a shameful delay it's finally time to listen to the 11 dashin' performances of this year's karaoke spinoff! ~ ::me 01 Moisantia theditz83 – Space ::hu 02 QuiénDQ 94ayd – Origo ::bg 03 MatiMati Mattan – Beautiful Mess ~ ~ ::pl 04 Cherniya Yoni – Flashlight ::it 05 Comino...
  6. anselm

    ESC 2017 Karaoke spinoff | Confirmations | DDL: 10/05/17 - 23:59 CET

    ласкаво просимо! xcheer The traditional Eurovision karaoke spinoff is back this year! Simply cover one of the 43 Eurovision 2017 songs and upload it to any site you like. It's okay if the same song is covered by more than one person. If you need the karaoke album just say so in this thread...
  7. anselm

    NSC 141 in Ujedinjeni Gvozd | It's final results time

    This account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information.
  8. anselm

    Suggestions for Congratulations 13

    Same procedure as always xcheer Aimūlli: Anselmsmumonia: Balearica Island: Begonia: Belvist: Bigicia: Biflovatia: Calypso: Carpatina: Cefiya: Cherniya: Comino: Cydoni-Gibberia: Dal Riata: Dalisska: Denmark of Peace: Doire: Emsfrõnt: Fervorosia: Halito: Hypjø: Il-Bidu: Illumia: Irinatie...
  9. anselm

    NSC 129 WL Results 00:30 CET! :o

    Vålaand, Nyfjell, Kiruya and Cefiya failed to vote. :( The results will be revealed in the order of the waiting list :o
  10. anselm

    NSC 126 • B-Final in Reym-L-Dneurb • Results start at post #23

    Welcome to the B-Final of NSC 126! At first, let's once again enjoy the song that made this glorious show possible: Now it's time to listen to the 27 flops that didn't even make it to the final. TEXT SHOW DEADLINE Friday...
  11. anselm

    ESC 2015 | Karaoke Spinoff | Results!

    Everyone has voted! xcheer Prepare for the most basic scoreboards ever :mrgreen:
  12. anselm

    ESC 2015 | Karaoke Spinoff | The Songs | DDL: May 9, 23:59 CEST

    Welcome to the ESC 2015 Karaoke Spinoff! xcheer Tonight we'll get to hear 13 wonderful renditions of this year's Eurovision entries. Here we go: That was it! Here's a textual list in case you can't see the banners: Please vote via PM using the standard ESC voting system...
  13. anselm

    ESC 2015 | Karaoke Spinoff | Confirmation | DDL: May 2, 23:59 CET

    xsing Welcome to the Eurovision 2015 NSC Karaoke Spinoff! xsing More fancy stuff might appear here soon (but probably not because I'm too lazy). Deadline: Saturday, May 2 - 23:59 CET The rules are simple: Send me your own cover of one of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 entries. The same...
  14. anselm

    The stage

    It's here :o How will Eurovision 2015 stage look like? See it for yourself! | News | Eurovision Song Contest
  15. anselm

    NSCers you've met

    Current NSCers Ronny (Viola Per Sempre) Sam (Anselmsmumonia) Luki (Illumia) Current WLers Moser (Begonia) Kylie (Pebbleland) Luke (Lukeland) Former NSCers Janko (Bacchus) Former WLers Jack (Fierce) Nicolas (Territrius) Danny (DPR Jindalea)
  16. anselm

    NSC 110 - Final Results

  17. anselm

    NSC 110 - Semi Results

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