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  1. Anjeza

    FSC December Spin Off "Best of 2014"- THE SHOW! RESULTS @ 19:00 CET!!!

    Welcome to Riga, one of the two European Capitals of Culture 2014! Venue: Arena Riga Our hosts, the queens of ESC 2014, Conchita Wurst and Valentina Monetta And now the songs: The voting starts NOW, you can send your votes to me until January 1st 2015
  2. Anjeza

    FSC December Spin Off "Best of 2014" Confirmation Thread - DEADLINE EXTENDED! December 17th 23:59 CET

    Since it is the end of the year and we had a similar spin-off one or two years ago - what about having a "Best of 2014" spin-off? If enough people here are interested I would also host it (unless someone wants to do it desperately ;) ) Rules: 1. Each participant chooses one country (it can...
  3. Anjeza

    Parlons Français !

    J'éspère qu'il y a quelques membres qui parlent du Français :D (Et excusez-moi si je fais des fautes, je n'ai pas pu écrire en Français pour quelques mois :D)
  4. Anjeza

    Soundtrack of your life

    Alright, imagine that someone wants to make a movie out of your life and you are asked to choose the soundtrack for this film: Which songs would you choose for following situations? Front Credits: Birth: Childhood: First day at school: Falling in love for the first time: Breaking-Up song: Fight...
  5. Anjeza

    FSC Mix-Up Spin-Off(the November Spin-off) - Results at Page 6

    Good morning from sunny Berlin for the announcement of the participating countries of the First FSC Mix-Up Spin-Off! Before we start the show let me inroduce you the hosts of the show: Nazan Eckes, née Nazan Üngör, (born 9 May 1976 in Cologne, Germany) is a German television personality...
  6. Anjeza

    FSC November Spin-Off: It's application time!

    First of all let me explain the idea of the „Mix-Up“ Spin-Off (I decide to name it like that as it is much shorter :lol:) for those who didn't read the other thread: Every player gets a ESC country which is not his fatherland. Like in the normal spin-offs you represent this country which means...
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