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  1. crashworld

    Who will be a Surprise or a Letdown?

    Now that we have the final 39 entries in the studio version and the reception of each song is currently doing. But we all know that stagings and performance skills of the artist will make or break the chances of doing well in the contest. So who do you think will surprise you (in a good way) or...
  2. crashworld

    Which Country Has Self-Sabotage Herself This Year?

    We all have our favourites when the studio version/music video of the entry was released. But then when the rehearsals start, expectations start to fall short (whether is it staging or 'live' vocals) to the point it seems like it's self-sabotage. Or it could be the country has better options at...
  3. crashworld

    Which 2019 Entry Do You Not Want It To Win?

    Given we are nearing to the actual competition, coming in less than 1 week and with all entries having done their rehearsals. Which entry do you not want it to win this year? Let's discuss (and throw all the shades you want). I included all 41 entries, despite we know 80% of them are not...
  4. crashworld

    Semi-Finals : Jury Vote VS Televote - Who will WIN?

    I know it's still early in the days since rehearsals have not started and pre-parties just barely started. But based on the studio recordings and some of the 'live' performances you have seen (regardless at National Finals/promo tour/pre-parties etc). Who do you think will win the jury vote...
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