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  1. Zeus


    KONTHENA Konthena is a country where everyone embraces their dark side, is calm, thoughtful and unpretentious, where healthcare is free and having a psychologist is part of the basic health package. In Konthena being mentally in balance is the highest attainable good. Within Konthena there is...
  2. Zeus

    Rewatch Eurovision-finals past decade

    I posted this somewhere else, but there was no response to it. So, it's not the most creative or 'new' idea (you have #EurovisionAgain for example on Twitter), but how about rewatching and re-vote Eurovision-finals from the last decade (2010 - 2019)? The official ESC-channel posted them all on...
  3. Zeus

    Belgium | WV162: Hydrogen Sea - Cold Water

    WV162 Hydrogen Sea - Cold Water Edition Artist-Song SF Pts SF Plc F Pts F Plc AVALON 08 Lisbon Laïs - 't Smidje 39 17 108 15 09 Madrid Kate Ryan - Babcer 45 17 10 Warsaw Milow - You Don't Know 75 6 77 21 11 Reykjavik Urban Trad - Quimper-Moscou 43 17...
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