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  1. GermanBango

    Viewing Figures

    Y`all knew it was coming: Let`s talk about the viewing figures. Ready? Go!
  2. GermanBango

    Who just missed out?

    Same procedure as every year: Who do you think finished 11th in the Semi? Bonus: Who only just made it through?
  3. GermanBango

    Eurovision 2019 In Rewind

    Looking for a thread to give your (final) opinions, reviews, thoughts or whatever on Eurovision 2019? This is the place to be for you! :lol: What did you think of Israel as a host? Did you like the technical aspects of the shows? What will live on in your memory? Are you happy with the results...
  4. GermanBango

    And 12 Points go to ....

    Same procedure as every year: Try to predict the televoting 12 points of every country. :lol: Imma start... Albania -> North Macedonia Armenia -> Russia Australia -> Netherlands Austria -> Netherlands Azerbaijan -> Russia Belarus -> Russia Belgium -> Netherlands Croatia -> Serbia Cyprus ->...
  5. GermanBango

    Just missed out / Only just made it 2019 Edition

    You knew this was coming, didn`t you? So who do you think... Just missed out of the final? (finished 11th in the Semi) Only just made it to the final? (finished 10th in the Semi)
  6. GermanBango

    Who was just missing out? (The 2018 edition)

    Someone's gotta open this thread, right? :lol: So who do you guys think was just missing out? Who finished 11th/12th? And who made in only just (aka finished 10th)?
  7. GermanBango

    Who was just missing out in Semi 2?

    Here we go again: Who do you think finished 11th in Semi 2?
  8. GermanBango

    Who was just missing out in Semi 1?

    The same as every year: Who do you think finished 11th in Semi 1?
  9. GermanBango

    Eurovision 2016 - Your Résumé

    "Flames to dust, lovers to friends, why do all good things come to an end?" Eurovision 2016 is over, PED is about to kick in! Now it's time to take a step back and to think about all that stuff that happend throughout those intense two weeks. What where your highlights? What didn't you like...
  10. GermanBango

    And 12 points go to ...

    Time for some good old coffee cup reading :lol: (more or less) Give it a try and predict the infamous 12 points of each country! I guess it's "easier" to only stick with the televoters 12 points but you can also add the juries 12 points if you're bold enough :geek: So, here's what I think...
  11. GermanBango

    The 2015 Viewing Figures

    You saw this thread coming, don't you? :p Tell me more and I will add them to this list :lol: Final: ::uk 6,6 Million (35,8%) ::de 8,1 Million (34%) ::at 1,6 Million (71%) ::nl 1,97 Million (36,8%) ::ro 1,18 Million (16.9%) ::fr 4.4 Million (27,6%) ::it 3.3 Million (16.35%) ::cz 232.000...
  12. GermanBango

    And 12 points go to...

    Last year there was a thread about who will get the 12 points of each country - so I thought it's fun to open one for this year as well ... Europe (and of course the rest of the world too) start predicting now! :lol: That's what I would guess: Semi 1: ::md -> ::ro ::am -> ::ru ::be -> ::am...
  13. GermanBango

    Openings & Interval Acts 2014

    I think they need their own thread - a place to discuss them :) here are the videos: Semi 1: Opening: Interval Act: Semi 2: Opening: Interval Act: Final: Opening: Interval Act:
  14. GermanBango

    The Eurovision 2014 Viewing-Figures

    Here are some average-viewing-figures for the final I found - feel free to add those who aren't already here! xheya The last number shows the increase or decrease compared to 2013. Countries in the Final: ::de 8.96 mil. (34,7%) +750 000 ::it 1,75 mil. (8,77%) -150 000 ::uk 8.8 mil. (41,9%) +1...
  15. GermanBango

    Thank you Malmö!

    As every year after the Contest there is a lot of negative things going around but I want to take the opportunity to give you a place for some POSITIVE feedback! The last 2 weeks were really really lovely! The grand final and the two semi-finals were highly entertaining and well organized. I...
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