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  1. ZoboCamel

    ESC 2018 General Discussion Thread

    Was just looking for a general discussion thread to chat about the 2018 contest and realised that no one had made one yet, despite it almost being March :lol: Feel free to post whatever you want here as long as it's related to the 2018 contest, I guess: thoughts on overall song quality/content...
  2. ZoboCamel

    2016 vs 2017

    It may be a little early, but... let's get started on another of the usual annual threads! I'm curious to see how opinions develop as the last couple of pre-selection weeks round out, and whether the new songs grow or drop with time. ::al 2017 ::ge 2016 ::by 2016 ::uk 2017 ::fi 2017 ::ch 2017...
  3. ZoboCamel

    WV Spin-off #68 | Country Randomiser | The Show | Results: 21 Oct, 20:00 CET

    WV Spinoff 68: Country Randomiser Hello hello! After much delaying and much faffing about, it's time for the 68th WV Spinoff show. Following last edition's win, I'd like to welcome you all to the seaside New Brunswick city of Saint John! As you may notice, though, we're... not exactly...
  4. ZoboCamel

    WV Spin-off 68: Country Randomiser - Send entries by Oct 11, 10:00CET

    Old intro post List of entrants: A reminder to the following people to submit their entries if they're still interested in participating - you have a little over a day left to do so. Alevender - Solomon Islands Salmon - Turkmenistan ferret - Kosovo whiteshoes - Indonesia Adrian -...
  5. ZoboCamel

    National Final Song Repository

    As somebody's who's quickly turned into a fan of Eurovision's national finals over the last few years, I've noticed just how hard it can be to find good-quality, studio recordings of some great NF songs. Sure, it's easy enough to find last year's Melodifestivalen entries, but what if you're...
  6. ZoboCamel

    A 'Weak' Year? (Discussion)

    I've seen a lot of posts around this year saying that it so far looks like the contest's weakest year in ages; that none of the songs are winning material, and that great songs are losing out in the national finals. I feel the need to defend ESC2015, though, and here's why (warning: rant...
  7. ZoboCamel

    Japan | 日本 | WV147: yanaginagi - Muteki no Soldier

    :jp::jp::jp::jp::jp: Introduction Welcome to Japan! I debuted in WV65 intending to showcase some of my favourite Japanese music, and I've been having a blast so far. I recently had a short stint over in Canada, and may make further swaps in the future, but for now I'm happy to be back in...
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