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  1. 94ayd

    Voting via Eurovision app for smartphones

    I downloaded the application about a week ago, but I've been unable to log in, even though I could online. I even changed my password, 'cos I had forgotten it. Have any of you been successful in doing so?
  2. 94ayd

    Karaoke spin-off - THE RESULTS

    We'll be starting in 15 minutes. I didn't have the time to make scoreboards, but I've uploaded the votes to Scorewiz, so we'll be doing things fast. ;)
  3. 94ayd

    Karaoke spin-off - THE SHOW/Results: 22nd February, 15:00 GMT/16:00 CET/17:00 EET

    Welcome to the 17 participants of out latest spin-off - the Karaoke one, as well as to everyone else watching, of course! :) The event is gonna be held in ::qdq's capital. The host for tonight is none other than our very own VALENTINA HASAN: She is best known for her version of Mariah...
  4. 94ayd

    Karaoke spin-off - confirmation thread

    Welcome, for only the 2nd time in history, to QuiénDQ's capital KlodenMFÖ! :mrgreen: The last time we met here was when we celebrated the 7th decade of NSC. This time we're celebrating our talents and especially our singing voices. :lol: That's why I need all the nations wanting to join to send...
  5. 94ayd

    FSC #40 - June 2012 - RESULTS THREAD

    Welcome back to San Sebastian, Spain! We've gathered here to put an end to the mystery which song was most voted for by out 41 expert juries this month. The running order is the same as the one in the show: 1. Norway 2. UK 3. Morocco 4. Macedonia 5. Canada 6. Mexico 7. Russia 8. Switzerland 9...
  6. 94ayd

    FSC #37 - March 2012

    You know what they say, it's better late than never. :lol: Welcome to San Francisco, California. The city in the States won the chance to host the event after ::us won last month's FSC with the song "The Broken Ones" performed by Dia Frampton: Here's the official logo of this month's...
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