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  1. Sammy

    Who is it?

    Post an recent picture of a Eurovision artist from the past and see if the others recognize him/her. I start:
  2. Sammy

    Barbara Dex Award - Your predictions

    For me, it has to be either Roxen or - sadly - James Newman. I'm not sure it's ethically correct to vote for him when he already got this big slap tho.
  3. Sammy

    Who had the best wings on Eurovision stage?

    I hope I didn't forget anyone.
  4. Sammy

    Exchange and rank

    Here are the rules for this new game: We start with the song each country debuted with at the contest. Per day (individual time-zone) you can - exchange one song of a country: you can choose any song that participated in the ESC (also the disqualified ones) - change the ranking of one country...
  5. Sammy

    Kick 'em out - The runner ups

    Hi everyone! I'd like to - if I may - take you on a new game. As we often play with winners, I thought it might be fun to look closer on the runner-ups this time. Here are the rules. + Every entry starts with 5 points and everyone who wants to play can make 5 kicks per round and reduce the...
  6. Sammy

    Your top 5 entertaining joke acts

    As I started the thread about the most annoying joke acts, I only find it fair (in order to keep the balance), to also start the opposite. So, here you can post your top 5 entertaining joke acts that really made your day at Eurovision. And I'm quite keen to see which ones are to be found in both...
  7. Sammy

    Your top 5 of the most annoying joke acts

    Inspired by another discussion thread, here's were you can post which of the so called "joke-acts" annoyed you the most. To give I vague definition of the term, I'd say a joke act involves at least some of the following criteria: - singing correctly is visibly not the main goal (or a goal at...
  8. Sammy

    Song title twins

    It works like this. Take a song that has competed in Eurovision or in a national final and find another one that has exactly the same title, but is NOT a cover version and has NOT competed in Eurovision, post the both videos and let the next poster rate both of them and present another pair. A...
  9. Sammy

    Eurovision and the Guiness book of records

    Can somebody explain to me why Eurovision is now in the Guiness Book of Records for being the "Longest Running Annual TV Music Competition", when it was created after the model of the Sanremo Festival which is still running and has been throughout the whole time?
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