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  1. Fluke

    Russia RUSSIA 2022 - not taking part

    I like how there's not even a thread for Russia 2023 because i guess everyone is dead set on them not attempting to participate....
  2. Fluke

    Spain SPAIN 2023

    I just realized Mikecrack could actually win the selection if he tried, and do pretty well in Eurovision. Having to sing live would probably be the greatest obstacle...
  3. Fluke

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2023

    Anyone else think that if they can't host it, they shouldn't be competing either?
  4. Fluke

    Germany GERMANY 2023

    I don't get why Germany and Austria are so unwilling to send a song in their own language, it's actually understood and spoken daily by more people in more countries than many languages that are common in the ESC, like Italian, Spanish, Greek and the various Slavic languages, whose countries are...
  5. Fluke

    Moldova MOLDOVA 2022 - Zdob și Zdub & Frații Advahov - Trenulețul

    What's really weird is that they were only 8th in the semi, but 7th in the final, that shouldn't be possible...
  6. Fluke

    North Macedonia NORTH MACEDONIA 2022 - Andrea - Circles

    Funny how both of the songs i thought were last in their semi turned out to be 11th...
  7. Fluke

    Where will it be hosted?

    I'm sure that question was asked by many as soon as Ukraine started to emerge as a possible winner, and it's even more relevant now: Who will be the host country, since it can't possibly be Ukraine? The host country and city has to be decided by August-October this year, and even if the conflict...
  8. Fluke

    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2023

    Calling it now, the UK will be hosting the 2023 contest.
  9. Fluke

    Azerbaijan AZERBAIJAN 2022 - Nadir Rustamli - Fade To Black

    Great.... plain and simple. The staging was quite simple really, except for the "lying down" bit which was pretty impressive itself, but they made it all about him with the dancer just kind of being there to not make it so empty. The vocals were really shaky in the beginning though, but i bet...
  10. Fluke

    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2022 - Sam Ryder - Space Man

    Not sure whether to support Spain or this as my #1. This is kind of a better written, certainly more sophisticated song, but i kinda want to support Spain because boomers who only like "real music with guitars" are gonna stan this, and Spain hasn't won or been close for much longer than the UK...
  11. Fluke

    Poland POLAND 2022 - Ochman - River

    Great song, great vocals, that's about it. The staging's just not working and Ochman appears awkward as always. I think a very simple, "Kuula" / "One Thing I Should Have Done" type staging would have worked better, at least we won't see him trying to act. The "thunder" effect was ridiculous and...
  12. Fluke

    Montenegro MONTENEGRO 2022 - Vladana - Breathe

    I think this was stronger than the other similar ballads this year, like the overrated Greece, Armenia and Portugal who made the final. But whatever, i still don't really care. Montenegro needs to go "crazy" again, that's what works best for them.
  13. Fluke

    Serbia SERBIA 2022 - Konstrakta - In Corpore Sano

    On point, as expected. The crowd was really with them on this one! Is this the first time subtitles are used in the ESC, for more than a few words? Thought it would have been cooler to have the text on stage somehow instead of overlaid, but i guess they couldn't find a good way to do that.
  14. Fluke

    Belgium BELGIUM 2022 - Jérémie Makiese - Miss You

    So glad he qualified. Staging could be a bit better but it's just a great song overall, representation in both genre and origin!
  15. Fluke

    San Marino SAN MARINO 2022 - Achille Lauro - Stripper

    Really, that was a total mess. From the previews, i expected an amazing performance and we got a disaster. Lousy vocals, stiff unengaged appearance, movements wrong, camera angles wrong and extremely overexposed (not his fault, but it sure didn't help) and he didn't look into the camera. What a...
  16. Fluke

    Israel ISRAEL 2022 - Michael Ben David - I.M.

    I was a low key supporter of this entry, but i'm not too surprised it didn't qualify. The ESC staging just looked empty and generic, the "gang bang" was missing along with all other distinctiveness of the earlier stagings and the video. His own antics just didn't feel and look as funny as they...
  17. Fluke

    Finland FINLAND 2022 - The Rasmus - Jezebel

    Musically okay, if you like the song, which i don't. I get that they qualified because they used to be famous, but the performance felt unprofessional and messy. Not only were there a ton of mistakes, there was no chemistry, considering they've been a band for 20 years. They looked nervous and...
  18. Fluke

    Romania ROMANIA 2022 - WRS - Llamame

    Why did Romania make it and not Israel?
  19. Fluke

    Australia AUSTRALIA 2022 - Sheldon Riley - Not The Same

    Vocals and overall performance good, as expected. I think the white "wedding dress" really didn't suit the song, it's too glamorous and confuses the dark, pensive message of the song. At least they're in the final now, but i think this felt odd and pretentious, it probably doesn't really connect...
  20. Fluke

    Georgia GEORGIA 2022 - Circus Mircus - Lock Me In

    Worked surprisingly well live, they manage to get the right visual impact to deliver the energy and poppiness of the song. I think they would have done better if they had just shown their faces, their "mystery" only matters to Georgians anyway. At best, they would have been around 20th place in...
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