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    Classic Elimination Game: Eurovision Song Contest 2021

    Safe: 🇪🇪 ESTONIA: Uku Suviste — The Lucky One 🇮🇹 ITALY: Måneskin — Zitti e buoni 🇦🇿 AZERBAIJAN: Efendi — Mata Hari 🇱🇹 LITHUANIA: The Roop — Discoteque 🇬🇷 GREECE: Stefania — Last Dance 🇱🇻 LATVIA: Samanta Tīna — The Moon Is Rising 🇺🇦 UKRAINE: Go_A — Shum 🇧🇬 BULGARIA: VICTORIA — Growing Up Is...
  2. Zonne147

    Eurovision Confessions

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts :D I just wanted to understand why does the same fandom that think Zitti e buoni is so good and fresh sees other rock entries in a very negative way. I didn't make it clear, I didn't mean it is cheesy and dated, it's more like I couldn't understand how can the...
  3. Zonne147

    Eurovision Confessions

    You are right when it comes to innovation, My personal favorites are everything but innovative and original :lol: I don't really give a damn about subgenres outside of my comfort zone, but I personally hear some punk-ish elements to me. I personally don't know/care if it's dated or not, the...
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    Eurovision Confessions

    Don't kill me for this (disclaimer: I kind of have an aversion for punk rock and rap-rock) I don't understand how people call fresh to "Zitti e buoni". :al: 2013: a melodic folk-rock song that might have been cheesy and (I disagree with the following statement but I'm just trying to see both...
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    Eurovision Cup 2021

    I have voted yesterday as well
  6. Zonne147

    Classic Elimination Game: Eurovision Song Contest 2021

    Safe: 🇧🇬 BULGARIA: VICTORIA — Growing Up Is Getting Old 🇷🇸 SERBIA: Hurricane — Loco Loco 🇪🇪 ESTONIA: Uku Suviste — The Lucky One 🇺🇦 UKRAINE: Go_A — Shum 🇩🇪 GERMANY: Jendrik Sigwart — I Don't Feel Hate Unsafe: 🇳🇴 NORWAY: TIX — Fallen Angel 🇵🇹 PORTUGAL: The Black Mamba — Love is on My Side 🇫🇮...
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    Azerbaijan AZERBAIJAN 2021 - Efendi - Mata Hari

    I like this one but there are specific parts that don't let me like this more than I wished. As a whole, I like this more than "Cleopatra" but I'm still not into the kinda spoken part that comes before the chorus (sorry for not knowing the name of that) and the last minute is kind of confusing...
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    Austria AUSTRIA 2021 - Vincent Bueno - Amen

    Solid effort from :at: While I find "Alive" very underrated, I can definitely see why this is overlooked. Very competent in almost every possible way but honestly, there's nothing here that makes me listen to it again. There are also lots of songs that popped into my head after listening to...
  9. Zonne147

    Betting Odds 2021

    :rs: in the last 12 hours: 28th place to (most likely) Top 20 Funny because I have moved Loco Loco up some places in my personal ranking before the odds started to shorten :lol: :gr: has entered the top 10 as well... I'm sure the betting odds will have some drastic changes when the rehearsals...
  10. Zonne147

    Musical Shuffle

    :it: Francesco Gabbani - Viceversa :tr: Mahmut Orhan ft. Sena Sener - Feel :al: Elvana Gjata - Xheloz :al: Remzie Osmani, Era Rusi - Telat e Zemrës :ee: Egert Milder - Free Again :uk: :pr: Clean Bandit, Iann Dior - Higher :hu:Tamás Horváth - Meggyfa :se: :no: Raaban, Tungevaag, Victor Crone -...
  11. Zonne147

    Who will qualify from Semifinal 1?

    I agree, and I like :mk: 2021 as well but unfortunately I can't see Vasil going through :(
  12. Zonne147

    Who will qualify from Semifinal 1?

    Between these I'd say Romania, with a good vocal and stage performance I can't really see juries not going for it. I also see Belgium getting jury love but not sure with North Macedonia, the whole thing is probably a bit too messy, I get Georgia 2018 vibes
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