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    Serbia SERBIA 2022 - Konstrakta - In Corpore Sano

    I would actually be more worried about the juryvotes than the televotes from the Nordics. I can totally see the norwegians picking up their phones and vote for Kanstrakta! The norwegian jury?....not so much... :rolleyes:
  2. VikingTiger

    Israel ISRAEL 2022 - Michael Ben David - I.M.

    The first time I saw MBD performing his song I really disliked it. But I came to like it - a lot! It was improved by the revamp. I did not think he would qualify even though I would like to see him through. But the way he acted later that night was just awkward and disrespectful. And he just...
  3. VikingTiger

    United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM 2022 - Sam Ryder - Space Man

    I seem to be one of the few that dont see the charm in Space Man this year. I gave it a 4 in the poll, and I am keeping it there. Yes, Sam sure knows how to sing, and he delivers vocally. But that's about it. His outfit is not helping me like this either... BUT I will be happy to welcome the...
  4. VikingTiger

    Spain SPAIN 2022 - Chanel - SloMo

    Yeah.. I'm biased...BUT I love the changes that Chanel has done to the song: both to the song itself (the start:love:) and her performance! Nothing and noone can dethrone Spain for me this year! And I still thing Spain is one of the countries that can challenge Ukraine this year (but as I said...
  5. VikingTiger

    Cyprus CYPRUS 2022 - Andromache - Ela

    This is still one of my favourite songs from this year. BUT, the live performance IS important. And it should be. She did certainly not deliver from the stage. Believe me, I was sad watching and hearing her performance. But if I didnt know the song in advance I would never have voted for this...
  6. VikingTiger

    France FRANCE 2022 - Alvan & Ahez - Fulenn

    I am very curious to see what happens to Fulenn in the end. France was the winner of this years NRK TV show "Adresse Torino". I hope others will enjoy Fulenn as well. But I am still not fully convinced about the staging; the idea is great, but the interaction between Alvan and Ahez and the...
  7. VikingTiger

    Norway NORWAY 2022 - Subwoolfer - Give That Wolf a Banana

    I do expect Norway to be on top of the scoreboard! ... after their set of televotes have been given. After a luke warm welcome by the juries this will get the first really high score from the televoters.
  8. VikingTiger

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    The fact is that we will never know to what extent the running order impacts on the final outcome. But I think it is safe to assume that the televotes in particular tends to go towards the later starters. Or at least that starting very early is a disadvantage especially when it comes to the...
  9. VikingTiger

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2022 - Maro - Saudade, Saudade

    It IS interesting to look into the figures of the different countries. You mentioned Sweden and Norway, both seem to be favoured by the running order since it was introduced in 2013. The figures are rather small, BUT especially Sweden seems to be favoured. Their "worst" start in the first half...
  10. VikingTiger

    Spain SPAIN 2022 - Chanel - SloMo

    This year there are lots of potential "jury-bait"; slower songs with good vocals that we often see the juries rewarding more than the televoters: Greece, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, Azerbaijan, Sweden. I think most members of the juries will make room for some uptempo entries in their top...
  11. VikingTiger

    OGAE Poll

    Interesting to see how the OGAEs vote. The OGAE votes seems to be some hybrid between the televotes and the juryvotes. I think Sweden is being overrated here in comparision to what will be the final result. The fan comunity tends to have a positive bias towards Sweden. Ukraine will certainly...
  12. VikingTiger

    Ukraine UKRAINE 2022 - Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

    I am still not a big fan of Stefania. I love the flute part and the energy of the song. But the rap part makes this a bit hard for me to love. So Ukraine misses my top 10 this year. Will they win? Sure, that is a possibility. Personally I would prefer to see other winners, but if Ukraine...
  13. VikingTiger

    Prediction : Semi-finals qualifiers

    Semi 2: For sure: :ee::pl::se: And quite sure also about: :au::fi::cy: Getting difficult to predict, but still think: :ro::sm: And out of the rest I pick: :me::rs: I find this semi really open.
  14. VikingTiger

    Prediction : Semi-finals qualifiers

    Semi 1: I could easily put money on these: :ua::no::nl::gr: ...and a little less money on: :al::md: Good chances for a repeat performance on Saturday: :am::lv: And the last two boarderline qualifiers: :lt::is: I think Ukraine, Norway, Albania, Moldova will be pushed into the final by support of...
  15. VikingTiger

    Eurovision 2022 Potential winners

    I love how unpredictable this year is when it comes to pointing at a possible winner. In my book there are several countries that can win. I am sure it will all be much clearer after the rehearsals. :ua: - Ukraine will surely get a huge amount of televotes. Sadly their diaspora have risen with...
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