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  • Pablitooo xkiss
    I can't sleep as well. Everything is pretty good, but I'm kinda too busy lately and my stupid computer broke down. I hate him :(
    What about you? I read in "How do you feel" topic that you met some Dutch hunk. Is there something new that I should know? :mrgreen:.
    You mean that thing about polla? :lol:
    Don't pretend that you are innocent when we know how much you love naughty things ahahah. You vulgar polyglot :mrgreen:

    Yeah, flights are really expensive :( I'm sad that we won't meet this year, but there will be many occasions, I'm sure. Still I have to visit Madrid one day :p

    I know we are similar to Spaniards, that's why I feel like home, when I'm in Spain :D
    Really? Nationalistic in Zagreb? I thought Zagreb is less nationalistic than some other Croatian cities. But yeah, I'm familiar with that :oops:
    About Severina. Totally understand your friend. I'm also tired of her. In every disco you can hear "Brad Pitt" X-OI :lol:
    Oh Isabella! I'm not going to Zagreb this year most probably, cause the flight is fricking expensive.... :(
    But yeah, some day soon, suuure :p
    Well, I saw her today and she's happy. She says Croats are nice people and kinda similar to Spaniards in some things, just that they are much more nationalistic than us, especially in Zagreb. But she's enjoying a lot for sure.

    And BTW she told me that she is so tired of Severina in the discos and can't stand her :lol:
    For the rest is amazing :lol:
    I'm curious what your friend thinks about Zagreb. Are people friendly with her? If she needs some help let me know ;)

    Maybe sooner I'll be bitching in Spain hahaha :mrgreen:
    I'm also happy to be back. Missed you guys a lot :D

    Whaaaat? This year? Oh you must tell me the exact date so I can plan my day :lol: We must meet. If that's gonna be for sure, let me know and will plan everything :D
    Is your friend studying in Zagreb? I remember you mentioned something.
    Me is here, Pablitooo xkiss
    Hey, I saw yesterday that Spain and Croatia are in the same group for Euro 2012 in football. Hope we kick some Spanish asses :twisted: :mrgreen:
    I ja tebe volim :mrgreen:
    Vau, you are not bad I can say. Some pretty good knowledge in Croatian and Serbian language :lol:
    "Jeba ti pas mater tovare jedan" - I don't know how to translate it, but it's something like "dog *ucks your mom, you jackass" :oops: :oops: :lol:

    I love when they say "perra maldita" in soap operas :lol:
    So many dirty words from me today :oops:
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