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  • Happy Birthday Pablo, Happy Birthday Pablo, Happy Birthday dear Pablito, Happy Birthday Pablo xbirthday
    For the 1st time I felt really unpleasant and shy :oops:. But he seems like a fun guy and is 5 years older than me. Plus he is sexy, but I didn't go out with him only because of that. That was accidentally, but I won't complain :lol: :twisted:. Hm, we'll see. He wants to go out again and I'm trembling a bit like you with Ruben, so everything is possible :lol:
    About my ex. He told me this week that he still hopes we can end up together, but also that he will stop calling me if I have someone new and wants me to be happy :?. So I don't think it's possible to have friendly relationship with him. Not sure what to think, but I certainly won't feel sorry for him, cause he is just trying to show himself as some poor victim.

    Nah don't worry about Zapatero's nephew. It will pass him. You did the right thing :p
    Wow, now I wrote 4 messages :lol: :D
    My Easter holidays were busy :lol:. We had family gathering in our house like every year, nothing much. But I'm mostly busy, my phone doesn't stop ringing. Now I even got the company's mobile phone :lol:. And there is something new :mrgreen:
    Few days ago one of our company's shops was robbed and I got a phone call on my free day to come to work urgently. I had to assess the damage with controller and sales manager. There were cops as well and it turned out to be interesting :lol:. One of the cops asked for my phone number, but I thought he needs my number if they find offenders or if he needs my help with something. In the end we went for coffee and guy was hitting on me :lol:.
    A pic? You'll show me his pic oh oh-uh-oh :lol:. I hate Valentina's song, but I feel it fits great in my post now :lol:. Yay, looking forward to see it :D

    About journalism. That sounds interesting. I ddin't know about such website. Yeah, I know it's hard to find a job with journalism. It's the same situation in Croatia. I got offer from one Croatian website, but only for volunteering and I refused. They are many offers for volunteering if you search for jobs :(. I know it sounds bed, but I want money after so much studying. I feel great now with my own money :mrgreen:
    Pabloooo! Hola :D

    I can imagine you are having party somewhere at the moment. Maybe with Ruben :mrgreen:. I'm at home now, but yesterday I had great time. But later about that.
    So that's why your sig says "te quiero Ruu". Aw, how cute. I'm happy that you're in love. There is no better feeling than that, I just hope it turns well for you and Ruben feels the same way. Of course, you have nothing to lose. I mean you need to do some steps. You don't have him now, but if you take a risk and try something it could change. Omg of course you were tense when talking to him. Oh that definitely says you are in love. Me and my friends always say if your knees are trembling in front of some guy, you must be in love :lol:. Also if you stutter when talking :lol:. Yeah, just calm down and be yourself. He will like real you. So do you think he is gay or you are not sure yet?
    What article? Something interesting? :mrgreen: Journalism is great. I tried to apply for some journalism jobs, but it's hard to get it without good connections. I was always interested in journalism :p
    So maybe he is bi :eek: Oh it gets even more interesting :lol:. Or maybe he is not sure yet. Aw Pablo, my fingers crossed that he is gay :D

    Of course I know what you mean. It's not important that someone is just hot. I mean there are better and more important qualities if you want a serious relationship ;)

    Everything is good with my ex-bf. I haven't visited him this weekend, but I'll do that next week. I've been so busy and tired. Yesterday I couldn't even dance and drink properly, my eyes were closing all the time :lol:. I had stressful days at work but now I'm fine. It seems me and my ex agree more when we are friends. Hope he won't do something to spoil this. If he does, I'll have to cancel any contacts with him :?
    Ok can't wait for 2018 :lol:. Prepare a lot of sangria for me :mrgreen:
    Uh Zapatero's nephew already wants to get in your room. Direct guy, but he could simply ask you do you want to cuddle :twisted:

    Aw and now when you like some Spaniard he is straight :(. There is so many cute guys in Spain, I don't think you should have problems finding your guy. But I've realized that looks are not so important for me anymore. Of course there must be some attraction, but it's hard to find such person who has all that :lol:. I want some sweet, funny guy who can put a smile on my face everyday :oops: xromance

    You are such party lover and I like that haha :D. I'll get drunk this Saturday with some turbo-folk. I haven't done that for 2 weeks already. I miss that :lol:
    Btw sorry it took me so long to answer. My ex bf had accident on Friday while playing football. He fell and broke his arm so his mother called me on the phone. She said how it would be great if I visit him. I was like wtf, confused :confused:. What should I do now, get back to him, cause he broke his arm :lol:. I did visit him and it was friendly visit, but it seem to me he expected some bigger reaction from me. Now I'm even more sure that I don't love him or otherwise I would be much more worried for him.

    How was your weekend? Did you party a lot? Maybe talked to Dutch hottie or Zapatero's nephew is stalking you? :lol: :D
    Wooo, the wedding. Can I be the bridesmaid and can you move it earlier than 2018 :lol:? I didn't tell you, but I'll be bridesmaid to my friend. I mean for real :D. Uh can't wait for "girls night" (not sure if this is correct word :lol:), we gonna organize a wild night for her :twisted:

    What?! Zapatero's nephew? :eek: Is he handsome? Oh my, you lucky guy, soon lots of guys will be all around you :D Haha it's true. When someone thinks you are a hard guy to get, then he wants you even more ;). It's a great strategy, trust me :lol:
    Fíjate si estaba adormilado que me he dado cuenta del mensaje ahora :lol: Tío llevaba toda la noche escuchando el disco nuevo de Madonna, estoy adicto perdido jaja Te lo recomiendo!
    No there is nothing new about guys if you think on that :lol:. I mean there is one guy at work that likes me, but nothing will happen. Especially don't wanna have anything with someone who works with me. That's always bad thing, imo :cool:
    Oh but there is something else :D. Maybe I move away from my parents house into my apartment. Maybe alone or with roommate. It's not sure yet. I thought my parents will be happy, but they are shocked :lol:. My mum thinks I have a new bf and wanna live with him xrofl3. Horrible, I'm the youngest child in family and it seems I'll always be treated as baby xdoh
    I know you didn't reply on your wall in purpose :lol:. That happens to all of us :D

    Awww Pablo, sorry to hear that :(. I still hope he sends you a message. It's really a hard situation when you live in different countries :(. Let me know if something good happens.

    Omg :lol: You have no idea how much I'm afraid of losing nails :lol:. It's just horrible. I saw when that happen to my friend and I started screaming. You gonna be ok xkiss
    Sorry Pablo I just noticed your message was posted here :lol:
    You shy? Haha you really don't seem shy to me :twisted:. I can imagine you are still in contact with him thanks to Facebook. Hm, I wish that becomes real for you ;)

    Yeah, that's my friend from Zaragoza. I know, she also said guys in Zaragoza are hot. When she came there, I instantly got a bunch of messages like "oh you must come and visit me, guys in Zaragoza are much hotter than in Zagreb." She sounded so hysterical :lol:

    Nah, I'm not that tough, but I give my best to be like that. I feel much better with such attitude and I just decided to enjoy my life without much worrying. Gosh, I used to be too emotional, now I just don't care :lol:

    Lol, I laughed so hard when you said your fingers got caught up by doors. I know it's not funny, but couldn't help myself. Some crazy partying there, you "shy" boy :mrgreen:. Hope you are ok now and be more careful. Don't want you get hurt *hugs*
    Hard to find a job..... I think I've heard that before..... :?
    There was one day when everyone used to find a job just after the degree.... ohhh *****!!!

    hahaha u became a tough girl..... nice :twisted:
    naaaah men.... not worthy! sometimes you just need some time with yourself and alone.
    But not as a step back, u know... only to take a run up :twisted:

    BTW I got my fingers caught last night in a pub and spent the whole night at hospital.... YAY :lol:
    Well Izzy, it's not really a relationship, cause nothing happened, just my crash... :lol:
    Actually I tried and did my best (I'm a bit shy for this stuff despite I don't look like that... :oops: ). I talked to him a lot and finally told him "you are so cute..." and he said "thank you". Nothing else...
    But now we talk a lot. Who knows... He's perfect! It's not that he is cute, but he's soooo sweet and nice, took care a lot about us during our visit despite we Spaniards were always LATE :lol: f*cking adorable!
    Dunno, I know its so crazy, but somewhat I want to fight for this. I don't have anything else here, so...

    Is that your friend who was in Zaragoza??? Guys from Zaragoza are SO HOT!!!
    I got my bachelor degree, but now hope to get master degree. It seems I should study at one more faculty, because it's hard to find job in my profession. I'm working at the moment, but it's just for few months/years to get my own money :lol:.
    About guys, nothing special. I had one short relationship few months ago and then I asked him for some distance between us. We haven't spoken for about 2 weeks, so it's probably completely over. I don't like any guy at the moment. Dunno, maybe something is wrong with me :lol:, cause lately I'm so annoyed with people around me and push them away. It would be so great that I prefer women :mrgreen:. Hey who cares, I just wanna party anyway :lol:
    It's good that you are still in contact with him. I know relationships on distance are kinda not possible. You know my friend that was studying in Spain in the end broke up with her Spaniard :(. When she returned to Croatia it was so hard for her. He even came to Croatia few times, but that wasn't enough. It would be great if you could maybe study in Netherlands and see what you two have. If it's something big, maybe one of you can move to Spain or Netherlands. Of course it's hard and risky decision ;)
    Oh and Tom xromance. He was never only yours :twisted:
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