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  1. Help needed - party songs from different countries

    Hey guys, I am currently looking for partysongs from different countries, but I got quite stuck at some of them. I was already able to find quite a lot, but there are some countries where I find it rather difficult to find something useful. And I thought that you possibly could help me here with...
  2. Mirabella ~ WLSC #14 ~ National Final: Please Vote!

    MIRABELLA Results: WLSC #13: Cascada - Stalker 15/17 WLSC #14: -
  3. Would like to learn a new language...

    Hello Guys :D I'd like to learn a 5th language... but I just don't know which language I'd like to learn. At the moment, I speak German (Surprise!), Englisch (Surprise too!), French and Spanish. But these languages are all very easy to learn... so I would be also ready for learning something...
  4. Presentation in School - Need your help

    Okay, I do a presentation in school about the Eurovision Song Contest. And in one part of the presentation I'd like to tell that there are many types of songs in the last Eurovision-years. And I've got some examples but sometimes I just don't know how I could call this type of Song. (I mean Pop...
  5. What countries would you like to see in FSC?

    Guys, it's really enough now! At the end of the year, there will be about 60 countries, when you go on... And I don't want to listen 4 Hours to the songs :/
  6. What countries would you like to see in FSC?

    I think Semifinals aren't the solution... But a voting where 15 countries get points, would help I think...
  7. What countries would you like to see in FSC?

    Yes, I think so too... Top10 of 40 countries is hard. But some countries have another voting system... in the german voting, 19 countries receive points per member... ^^
  8. What countries would you like to see in FSC?

    I don't!
  9. What countries would you like to see in FSC?

    Oh guys :lol: We have about 42 (or something like that) countries now, that's really enough for the moment :lol:
  10. Let's learn some languages!

    Hello, here is a thread where everybody can explain his own language :lol: So, let's start with ::deGerman The Persons Ich (I) Du (You) Er/Sie/Es (He/She/It) Wir (We) Ihr (You) Sie (They) The Articles In German, there are 3 definite articles: der (maskulin) die (feminin) das (neutrum) And...
  11. How sounds this language?

    I would like to know from you, how german sounds for you :rolleyes: We can do the same with other languages too, but first I want to know how german sounds :lol:
  12. Talent show appearances you loved!

    Hello, I think there are many countrys which have a Show like "American Idol" - I want to know from you which appearances you loved when you watched a show like that. And I will begin :) Linda Teodosiu - 2008 - Deutschland sucht den Superstar - Goldeneye (Tina...
  13. Login doesn't work

    Hello, I've got a problem. When I come to this forum, I'm not able to log in. I write the Nickname and my password, but then I'm not logged in. And then I have to wait to the next day - before I can not log in :( Can somebody help me?
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