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    Norway NORWAY 2021 - TIX - Fallen Angel

    Build a bridge and get over it.
  2. GianlucaTomoe

    Spain SPAIN 2021 - Blas Cantó - Voy a quedarme

    Britney is a world treasure that must be protected at any cost.
  3. GianlucaTomoe

    Norway NORWAY 2021 - TIX - Fallen Angel

    Listen, kiddo. I'm not a troll, ok? My opinions are absolutely valid and reasonable, actually they are better than anyone else's. I have a rich musical culture and I judge music for what it is, without any bias, unlike other eurofans. I can't be compared to MalagaToledo, who was clearly wrong...
  4. GianlucaTomoe

    Italy ITALY 2021

    There's a gender bias in both Sanremo and Melodifestivalen and whoever doesn't see it is just living in denial. Just like there are other countries with a clear gender bias as well when they select their artists for ESC. All these countries need to withdraw from ESC asap.
  5. GianlucaTomoe

    Finland FINLAND 2021 - Blind Channel - Dark Side

    Lol, Laura has an actual, long-lasting career since 2005, and 10 released albums so far, good luck with trying to pass her as a desperate wannabe. This description may fit to some other people, not certainly to her.
  6. GianlucaTomoe

    Germany GERMANY 2021 - Jendrik Sigwart - I Don't Feel Hate

    So, it seems that Germany is sending its first joke entry to the competition since "Wadde hadde dudde da?".
  7. GianlucaTomoe

    Denmark DENMARK 2021

    That song is dead by now and nobody wants to hear it again, deal with it
  8. GianlucaTomoe

    Norway NORWAY 2021 - TIX - Fallen Angel

    Say it louder for the people in the back
  9. GianlucaTomoe

    Estonia ESTONIA 2021

    Who do I have to orally gratify to make Kadri unexpectedly win this NF?
  10. GianlucaTomoe

    Norway NORWAY 2021 - TIX - Fallen Angel

    In both forums, a video about that Slovenian... thing, at the top of the new pages of the respective Norwegian threads... UGH...
  11. GianlucaTomoe

    Portugal PORTUGAL 2021

    How did Ian's belly inflate during her performance? xthink
  12. GianlucaTomoe

    Norway NORWAY 2021 - TIX - Fallen Angel

    I'm just asking what's the difference between the 2019 selection and the 2021 one, and I would like to have an answer.
  13. GianlucaTomoe

    Norway NORWAY 2021 - TIX - Fallen Angel

    Now I'm thinking: why couldn't KEiiNO lose the 2019 selection as well? If it's been proved that their songs are so weak to be beaten in a final duel against random male singers, why couldn't the same happen in 2019 as well against Adrian Jørgensen?
  14. GianlucaTomoe

    Slovenia SLOVENIA 2021 - Ana Soklič

    Looking at that photo, and knowing that she's gonna sing an uptempo song in English, now I'm secretly hoping her song would be something similar to this masterpiece:
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