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    Belarus BELARUS 2021

    We had to much some posts as our friendly reminder was ignored so please make sure that use the appropriate forum section to have this discussion. We encourage your to sometimes have touch conversations (as long as you're being respectful), but let's keep this section dedicated to the contest...
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    Belarus BELARUS 2021

    Feel free to have this conversation in the proper forum section. In this thread, please stick to the topic at hand which is Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Use the link below to access the proper section if you want to continue the discussion about the current situation in Belarus...
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    Updates/Requests/Improvements (post all noticed ISSUES and SUGGESTIONS here)

    Come here and join the discussion about the new Asian Music based forum contest
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    The New Asia Based Contest - Discussion

    It was about time to make it happen on our forum, so let's go
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    EUROVISION 2021 - General Discussion Thread

    Please post any and all discussions regarding the contest itself, host country and city, organisation, rumours and other topics not related to any specific country's selection process.
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    Sweden SWEDEN 2021

    Who are #YOU backing in the Andra Chansen duels?
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