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    WV Spin-Off 162 🎙️ Karaoke! 🎙️ The Hobart-Ica Pacific Event (Deadline: when we have enough participants)

    I'll try to record something tomorrow if you can wait for me. No idea what to record though.
  2. CypriotGirl

    Cyprus // WV 160 // Stella Kalli - I Agapi Ta 'Hei Ola

    WV 160 Stella Kalli - I Agapi Ta 'Hei Ola
  3. CypriotGirl

    NSC Spinoffs: Information | Vote for the next Spinoff! DDL: 15/08, 22:30 CEST

    Chain reaction spin off: there will be two stages. First stage people will say if they're in. Second stage there will be a draw. The first person will choose a song and send the title of the song to person #2 and the second person will submit a song that has in the title at least one same word...
  4. CypriotGirl

    NSC 207 🤗 Uh, let's go to the beach-each🔥 Fettevika, Kimmystan 🏝🥵 FINAL RESULTS NOW

    Sorry for not voting, I'm happy ::tad won because it was my :12: in the semi, great winner! Congrats Connor! xcheer I will have to skip next edition, I needed a break anyway. Hopefully I'll be back in the edition after. I think me not voting costed ::dal a PQ spot because it was my ::10 in the...
  5. CypriotGirl

    GREECE 2006 - Anna Vissi - Everything

    @lilka without a doubt Anna is one of the best performers because she can sing literally anything (unlike many great singers who are good only in one or two genres), I haven't seen her live myself though except of a "free entrance" performance she had in Larnaca a few years ago and that was for...
  6. CypriotGirl

    GREECE 2006 - Anna Vissi - Everything

    @lilka I will see Anna live on August 31, my husband is a hardcore fan of hers aka fannatic and he bought tickets for her concert in Larnaca! xheart
  7. CypriotGirl

    The FSC Hangman

  8. CypriotGirl

    WV 160 | Send your entry!

    :cy: is in with a really summer tune (but not at all cheap), with music video filmed in a very summer-ish landscape, I guess it's in a Greek island but I'm not sure which one. It's the third time I'm sending this artist, she has an almost top 10 finish and a NQ in her WV history. The song is...
  9. CypriotGirl


    Just noticed that there are 2 artists I've sent myself in the past in OM (🇦🇲 Arpi and 🇱🇰 Umaria) and 1 artist I've sent in WV (🇱🇧 Yasmine Hamdan). xheart
  10. CypriotGirl

    WV159 Constanta | Grand Final | RESULTS : 29TH JULY AT 20:00CET

    Congrats ::pl and Mario! Really nice winner! See you in Polen! xcheer
  11. CypriotGirl

    FSC #161 - July 2022: THE SHOW! [Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, Denmark] | RESULTS from page 2

    I don't see ::cy flag in the "voted" post, is everything ok with my votes?
  12. CypriotGirl

    All Around the World: Kosovo 🇽🇰 ✾ Dy shokë / Два пријатеља ✾ The Show (Voting DDL: 7/8/22 23.59 CET)

    It was super easy to pick a song, since I have a robbed NSC entry from a Kosovar artist. :whistle:
  13. CypriotGirl


    I don't know why it disappeared, it was there few days ago :( Please use the picture video, because I don't want the live version to be used.
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