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  • Hey Sockistani, I forgot to message you before, but I'd like to return to WL :)
    And I see your birthday was some days ago. My cellphone probs tell me one day before, but I forgot. Happy birthday anyway

    Try again now... I was getting a server error while trying to send it to myself before (I would still receive the PM, though), but now it seems to work ok xthink
    Hey! I just wanted to remind you of when we talked about having NSC rules somewhere on the forum! Also I noticed there is nothing in the rules about national finals. Someone in WL subforum just opened a NF during the ongoing edition and I was about to tell them that in NSC it's against the rules to hold a NF before the results of current edition have been posted, but actually found no such rule.
    Hey, I'm interested in the NSC. I'm aware I shall be waiting a long time, and I'm only just becoming familiar with the concept... I have to create a thread detailing my proposed country, correct? :)

    (Your PM box is full, btw! :D)
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