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    FSC December Spin Off "Best of 2014"- THE SHOW! RESULTS @ 19:00 CET!!!

    Welcome to Riga, one of the two European Capitals of Culture 2014! Venue: Arena Riga Our hosts, the queens of ESC 2014, Conchita Wurst and Valentina Monetta And now the songs: The voting starts NOW, you can send your votes to me until January 1st 2015
  2. Anjeza

    FSC December Spin Off "Best of 2014" Confirmation Thread - DEADLINE EXTENDED! December 17th 23:59 CET

    Since it is the end of the year and we had a similar spin-off one or two years ago - what about having a "Best of 2014" spin-off? If enough people here are interested I would also host it (unless someone wants to do it desperately ;) ) Rules: 1. Each participant chooses one country (it can...
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    FSC Players' Birthdays

    La multi ani Oana! xbirthday xkiss
  4. Anjeza

    What countries would you like to see in FSC?

    I like your map Gustav :D I really want to see Latvia and more countries from Africa, Asia and both Latin and South America... And Finland has to come back!
  5. Anjeza

    FSC Players' Birthdays

    Happy birthday AlekS xbirthdayxbirthday I hope you had a great day :) xkiss
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    Parlons Français !

    J'éspère qu'il y a quelques membres qui parlent du Français :D (Et excusez-moi si je fais des fautes, je n'ai pas pu écrire en Français pour quelques mois :D)
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    FSC Players' Birthdays

    La multi ani Centrix xbirthdayxcheers
  8. Anjeza

    FSC Players' Birthdays

    srećan rođendan, Simon! xcheers xbirthday
  9. Anjeza

    FSC Players' Birthdays

    Joyeux anniversaire avec un peu de retard Yulara xbirthday!
  10. Anjeza

    FSC Players' Birthdays

    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag und viel Glück im neuen Lebensjahr Matt! xbirthday Ich hoffe, du hast einen schönen Tag und kannst noch schön feiern
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    Soundtrack of your life

    Alright, imagine that someone wants to make a movie out of your life and you are asked to choose the soundtrack for this film: Which songs would you choose for following situations? Front Credits: Birth: Childhood: First day at school: Falling in love for the first time: Breaking-Up song: Fight...
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    FSC Players' Birthdays

    Happy birthday Asiye xbirthday xcheer
  13. Anjeza

    FSC Players' Birthdays

    Happy birthday Andrea, all the best xbirthday
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    FSC Mix-Up Spin-Off(the November Spin-off) - Results at Page 6

    Good morning from sunny Berlin for the announcement of the participating countries of the First FSC Mix-Up Spin-Off! Before we start the show let me inroduce you the hosts of the show: Nazan Eckes, née Nazan Üngör, (born 9 May 1976 in Cologne, Germany) is a German television personality...
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    FSC Players' Birthdays

    I'm glad you like it xkiss
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