View Full Version : Germany 2007 - Roger Cicero - Frauen regier'n die Welt

11th December 2012, 01:36
What, no thread about this? Well, i kinda understand why.... i liked the fact that there was a jazz / swing entry in the ESC, in German even, but it just didn't work out.... Roger himself was okay, but just.... no :geek:

11th December 2012, 01:52
Uuuuhhh... What a boring song! I am ok with jazz songs but not this one. This must be worst Germany entry ever.

11th December 2012, 02:31
It is far from being a bad song but it came across as soo old-fashioned and just was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

11th December 2012, 07:10
Pfftt, whatever. I loved that song and to me the best German song of the 00s.

11th December 2012, 22:31
I didnīt like the song at the beginning, but now I kinda like it. Better than many other German songs in the past.

11th December 2012, 23:57
Underrated, but I didn't expect much from it. Roger sold the song though! Great, great vocals!

29th March 2016, 12:54
Roger Cicero is dead :(

29th March 2016, 13:51
Roger Cicero is dead :(

Just heard the news! It's terrible!!!

29th March 2016, 14:17
I'm so shocked... he was too young and too talented and charming! May he rest in peace :(

6th April 2016, 22:09
When his song comes on my ipod shuffle, it always made me smile.
Now when it'll come on my ipod shuffle, I'll feel sad.