It is the most prestige show when it comes to Italian entertainment, of course we’re talking about the yearly Sanremo Festival. Last week, it was announced that a change has taken place, and that change being that Carlo Conti will once again host the song festival.

Sanremo 2025 & 2026

The announcement was made during the news broadcast on Tg1, where it was shared that Carlo Conti will be the artistic director as well as the host for the Sanremo Festival in both 2025 and 2026.

The unanimous decision was made by the top management, which involves CEO Roberto Sergio as well as General Manager Giampaolo Rossi and Prime Time Entertainment Director Mercello Ciannamea.

Already now it has been revealed that work is already ongoing, which will challenge Conti with further promoting and enhancing Italian music even further. Thanks to his previous contribution to the festival, is the reason why he was re-appointed for the job, for at least the next two editions. The former host also hosted the Sanremo Festival back in 2015, 2016 & 2017.

Looking back at the song festival back then, the competition crowned Il Volo in 2015 – who came 3rd in Vienna (and won the televote), Stadio in 2016 – who declined to participate and Francesco Gabbani in 2017 – who came 6th in Kyiv.

About Carlo Conti

To put it short, we are dealing with someone with GREAT experience, Carlo Conti has worked at RAI (The Italian broadcaster) since the 80’s. Starting with local appearances at both radio and television, before becoming the experienced worker he is, until this very day. He’s not only worked at radio and television, but has also appeared on TV shows, movies, dubbed movies, released albums, as well as produced music, written books, featured in commercials and to top it all, has even been knighted for the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

Born in Florence in 1961, the man should be quite the phenomenon in Italy, and of course also supports the local football club Fiorentina. The achievements of this man, is more than just purely remarkable. Whether he’ll be able to produce Italy continuous success in Europe, will only the future tell.

As mentioned earlier, Carlo Conti last directed and hosted the Sanremo Festival back in 2017, which was won by Francesco Gabbani and the song “Occidentali’s Karma“. Back then, the song was considered the early favorite to win the contest, before it ultimately finished in 6th place in Kyiv.

Are #YOU looking forward to see what this new director can scratch up and are #YOU looking forward to see Carlo Conti as host next year?
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